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this rich Minecraft Faction THOUGHT their base was SAFE.. until i noticed this MASSIVE mistake (LOL)

I just wish I had access to a similar workshop!At the start of the game.Idk man, just roll a dice, and depending on what you rolled, it's either.Uh where is your safety glasses?Before you guys leave.It's called "Chess with the Masters" the sub-heading is: "From Morphy to Fischer - 100 of the finest and most instructive games ever played - each annotated with move by move comment and description.

It's a book that can be tested by science.But where's the innovation ?16:00 i didn't know chess was an fps game.I say keep a match between Magnus and this Hess.I didn't understand "en passant".Full lines mentioned above (without solution):1.Never expected from him such blunder moved.28:50 Knight into f4 Followed By bishop g5 forces white King to h7 results in Knight h5 capture.

I tried your trick but every time they kept capturing my d4 pond.40:36 how did he take that?Hey can you tell.He created it for EVER.The orcs and dark forces using wargs and treating them poorly, same with trolls and other creatures.Min kalo setelah kuda hitam ke h6.But sir you haven't told about how to calculate degree.Why is she sooo hot!Also, several times your flurry of arrows exactly matched the computer evaluation.

I watch Magnus to see if

I watch Magnus to see if

Mini wall brick power supply so less internal heat.Just make-up another number system, get a Fields Medal.Sometimes I find gold in my nose.The CDC and the FDA are criminal organizations bent on selling more vaccines.Why do they call it hedwig’s theme?Being 'self published' is really a study into narcissism.Hi, It’s quite a pleasing concept but it wouldn’t go in my workshop unfortunately for one particular reason, the blade is not retractable.I caught a cold watching this!Thanks Steve, excellent stuff for us newbies :)p.

Very good video, a question, where can I buy a kit of those?Why allways this disturbing and senseless change of camera :-(.I run a 3d printing buisness.Greetings from your new big fan from Brazil.I think you mean 'pin and then draw' because qxf7 then Kxf71:55.You're right Brett.Nice trap for beginner and easy to remember.My dog doesn't like light when she sleeps, hides her head in the blankets) Could you designone that easilydisassembles so I could take it with me?I like this door representing medieval and modern look.

The commentetor is stress reliever.However, the guy might have been a piece up, but he couldnt do anything with it, as Magnus had the initiative and forced this opponent onto the defensive.Timothy51886 I recommend that you don't focus on specific openings when you've just started playing.The man doesn't deserve the care he is undoubtedly getting in prison.Can you look what's inside your son ?All my "novelties" also get promptly dismantled after move 8.Why does morphy look like he has headphones.Me: pauses video: i would take the knight in black rooks' line of Fire.Java script coding is very similar to python.What is the accuracy like a year after building?

Great Video, very informative.

Great Video, very informative.

Hey dude I really enjoyed your video but I wish you would have told me (who knows nothing about Chess) what the name is for the different pieces.Oh my gods, how come i found this channel do late?One lady came over and offered me 200.It says no files available for download.Men making furniture is so attractive.I really wanna find the notes to these but they never sound like the versions here.

Gkc Gkc

Who won??


Lol I sense you're trolling someone

Peristilo peris


Guy Draker

I haven't learned factorials in math yet, so for 1 1 1 = 6 I did 1/((arctan (1)/(arcsin(-1))). That still works though, right?

Tim Wiliusa

When is the HELLO EVERYONE?!?! Merch coming?

Klaus Reithmaier

I really would be interested what the ZDF recordings were

jun dela cruz

hindi ako bilib dun sa bata...may mali sa move nya...nang ma check yung king nya ng rook ng kalaban, instead na iiwas nya yung king, rook ang tinira nya, which was a violation. kung tutuusin talo ang mas bata!!!

Aurora Clermont

0:23 sounds like a bit of The Force theme from Star Wars (for both the composer was John Williams)

hermann voellinger

there is a counter-example: set a=2, b=9 then a²b²=85 ab1=19 which divides 85 by 5 which is not a square. q.e.d.

Ethan Cray

Hey Man, Anyway I can get your contact info?

Baddest Bees

Soooo Good , thanks for sharing

Johnny Sanchez

Hackers: Just want to make custom games a a 3DSPirates: Argh

phancangam ngunganga


Henley Chan

I think Mozart knew his days were numbered while he was composing this masterpiece.


So 1 trillionth of a percent of the ways you can arrange 56 blanks and 8 queens are solutions, got it


0:45 greetings everyone! Here is aradical idea () for expressing equality instead of writing "is equal to" just use this symbol =

Yes me Manjula



jerry, i always believed you'd at some point upload this, i even asked you to in pm, because it's historical moment not of just lichess but your very life both in and outta chess senses: you could do nothing but rely on fans and supporters,competetion was intense, moreover there was some tempting stuff like high possibility of players gravitating to the teams who had most players or biggest dogs. when i was watching your stream minutes before tournament started i remember very vividly how happily you reacted to seeing Tihon was online and just in time to contribute to your overall score, this tournament was basically you checking if you'd get same support from people you've been supporting for years. but who on earth can both watch you for years and not choose team Jerry? definitely not me, and thankfully it wasn't only me but many who chose you because of what you have gained through the years of hard and passionate work - love and respect. mostinfamous (as seen here on 00:25) from team chessnetwork, getting every win with berzerk but losing way more, hence "not contributing" but i hope if there's gonna be part 2 i'll do better. i wish they make it hyper, my timecontrol of choice, i can swear i'll end up actually contributing.

Chess with Suren

nice job Mike, greetings


He's using Lou Zocci's Game Science dice, known to be some of the most fair, molded dice.


Hmm... wonder if my old laptop's backlight is bright enough to use as a soft box...

samir Lima

Hello Conrad,I'm already doing the first Pieces of chess,but I need a video showing how the horas is made

Fred McIntyre

Thanks for the info!

Farshad Jamali

I feel bad for Ivanchuk, he takes it personal! he gets stressed out! I want to give him a hug!

Alek Dembo

I was doing well until the nuts joke


This is like common core music

Chris Tose

11:11 advancing the pawn accomplishes at least two more incredibly obvious things that you left out! after attacking the rook with the knight and the rook retreating, the h pawn is undefended from the bishop's attack.after advancing g7 the white light squared bishop suddenly has no ready activity. the pawn it is attacking is already defended twice so no tempo can be created by adding another attacker and one of the defenders can readily become an attacker.

2018 now, Wei Yi seems slowed down.


Mammookka super, songs , salimkumar

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