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Hello my blog

Thomas Willwacher - Recent progress and open problems in graph cohomology

Really paisa vasul I love mekhail tal game.But never again.Why did Carlsen play 40.Very handsomely drawn.

When we have God, His Son,

When we have God, His Son,

Doesn’t that protect the c7 square?1:56 Agad destroys his keyboard.Here is a link to a screen capture video I made: in advance Darren and keep up the awesome work!Thanks for the video.Yeesseeessss time to watch this till I sleep!I only ever see the ones of the butt sections.Wtf is going on am i retarded.The insurance company will cut you off any time they want being on workers comp I had a heart attack during therapy for my shoulder I had free company health care three months later they canceled my care so now I couldn't afford my meds one year later went through heart disease and failure due to not having meds it's not right I almost died for the greed of the health care system and no one else should have to go through this period.

Considering white is throwing all sorts of shit at you, almost seems impossible to remember which defense the right one in the first 3-4 moves.Where do you put Alekhine in your all time rankings?Dat knightshop move 7:18.I dont know why MMK bakit ganyan kayo.The best part is being SerbianCroatian and understanding the dirty jokes he is talking about.Attacking the queen and the rook (with the bishop) at the same time.Wait how did you get the camera up to the sky ?Def worth trying, just for thelearn and failure experience before moving to more complex and expensive builds.

Awesome craftsmanship though :D.

Awesome craftsmanship though :D.

Conrad Holt is a grandmaster born in Witchita Kansas.H to the project?All I here is you want to make a terminator.Been watching some of your recent videos and it gave me loads of tips and good ways of doing it the right way.It was not invented, because alcohol already existed so it was discovered.I don't think it's been done before, and I've even started on a game design doc for it.There's no questionnor answerfor the word 'God'.Mr Buffet should have said that the traded corporations need to show that they are addressing the Covid-19 threat to their business, that's what will raise the share price.Karpov and tania.Please make more ).

Camroc Ian

This comes across as so patronising.

Hawk 1966

Should weight the bottoms of the pieces to keep them in place better.

Cam Lop

Fantastic videos Ben. I am a vegan too!So I like to learn from you because I am biased haha

khushii khushii

khtarnaak bro

Raww Dawgg

I'm convinced Magnus Carlsen is a scientific experiment..... A real-life bio engineered human embryo.....

Mikey boi

All my balls are small

Calin Achim


Juan Vasquez

Where can I get one like this ?

Dhanya N

WOW !!! Much easier than the other one. Even it' s easy, it was the easiest for my son, Rithul.

Akshay Mani

Fantastic insights. He referred to 'un'conscious a couple of times but I guess what he meant was 'sub'conscious. Fascinating stuff nevertheless...


i was thinking of 7 of diamonds

Paul Orth

Nicely done.

lucax tshotting

its funny to me how being sportmanlike is a chess rule but every fucking gm will try to win those endgames, i know its hard to draw the line but chess should have a comitee to try to


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