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Thunderbird hamfest 2020

So, programming teachers ACTUALLY exist?"Black is a pawn up but he can't castle and his king is not safe"Black is a pawn down.Go and check this video for example.Plss subscribe EXECUTIONS YT ty.Pretty sick when you can suffocate and restrict the best White E4 player in the world in such manner.

I generally try to avoid 'cheap' planes due to the fact tht regardless of what I do to and with it, its still a really cheap plane and blade.So probably this isn't the greatest move in chess history.8:10 Hu en ln C5 th sao cu?

At 5:28 maybe white plays Bf1 then whether the rook goes to c6 or a4 white can play Bb5 I think.Also the most artistic how to video I’ve seen.Wish Raymond had a channel.Yo yo yo my woodwork homie, save masking tape by laminating paper of varioud sizes (a4 a3 etc) and using that to mask of huge areas and seal the edges and seams with tape.NOW im wondering on the electric bill you get lol.He will lay on top of you and be the love of your life!I guessed it, because everything has a 50% chance and the mouse goes to the right and then to the left without being cought and then moves left again: 9 days.

I know ur really good nak but

I know ur really good nak but

Would be funny to do the ski mask one but when you take it off ham falls out.Prabaakarettan veettil velayillenkilum naattil pulluvelaya.Tal's happy hunting ground.And the vocalist.If you had two of them, they would fit together to make a cube ).I enjoy watching your videos but I have a question.Dust masks are much cheaper than going to the doctor!What’s inside destroyed one of the boards.Complaining over a draw.(Like po kayo kung taga tuguegarao po kayo).

For best alignment use a thick plate of laminated chipboard (or Mdf) as underground.This is what happens when the FBI says all serial killers are white males.Super your Pohnu nober sand me.The limit of the averages is lim (Sn n) as n - oo where Sn is the partial sum to n terms.I'm guessing these Genesis Bikes aren't the same as the Genesis Bikes sold at Walmart in America.Damn so many "Hi Toggi " comments, i did not think that wuld happen.Wow this is cool, my father is blind and he live in another city, wish I was something like that to play chest with him.A well spoken young man and a well done project.Do things differently and success follows you like a Shadow.

Deniel Grad

I won it

Steve Silver

For procrastinators such as myself, thinking about the task produces anxiety. Instead of working through this anxiety, we seek to avoid it by distracting ourselves and doing something relaxing. If there is a deadline, then there are tangible and immediate consequences if we do not complete the task, and this serves as a motivator to overcome the anxiety and complete the task. However, if there are no immediate and tangible consequences for not completing a task, then there isn't that external force to push us. If the task is a long-term project which involves complex planning, or which has requires a great deal of cognitive or emotional investment, then the anxiety can be overwhelming. For those with ADHD, a task which requires intense and sustained concentration over an extended period of time is particularly challenging if the task itself is tedious or uninteresting, as the difficulty in keeping focused contributes to the feelings of anxiety.

Lil nigga

me and my friend were playing chess the other day and we wanted to make things more interesting so we stopped playing chess

Mac Swanton

There's no cuteness in darts

Shawn Gollatz

But can it run Crysis????

Anish Dangol

1:02 that was so "nerd"


That is how chess games would be edited perfectly for watching imo (short timecontrols, clear view on the clock time, animated board, no commentary!)

Wai Yan Oo

Finally you got it right with Scheveningen... it's the right way to say haha

Robert Hilson

These AlphaZero v Stockfish videos are amazing. Keep them coming Jerry!

Richard Millik

Bro can u please 1 match with Wolf Xotic he is good at franco granger please

Sope Suds

why do the cute ones always have to be gay

Datu Puti

i love this opening.. i think it works for 2500 below


14:48 I thought magnus missed Bxe3 so quickly played Rxf7 (Be5) Deeeeym

voyager rolling sky

The 6years old girl win a boy, boy is so noob!haha

Roland Zurillo

Love the humor


Agadmator in a hoodie looks like he is about to drop a dope new album.

Roberta Hubert

I watched 7 minutes before I figured out he was making a smoking pipe?? Time for a nap.I love watching others create.

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