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Awesome what a little money can do!Yeah, I love your dog.Step two, follow this video.It will be chilly.Rb1 %clk 0:10:34 Nd7 %clk 0:13:44 22.But what do we scrubs do?

I was always so disappointed with the destruction of the enterprise in such a pointless act.Instead of the chocolate in the double boiler can we use cocoa powder and butter.Magnus (meanwhile): She is soo cute.A lot of shit talk coming from Danny boi over here who’s still an IM.Where you reveal how you felt during the games?

Keep making great videos.These games were really well played, man.My sister bought him becuz she said that hes hot and handsome.You are a highly creative maker.Keep the videos coming.25:00First I am not an U.I am genuinely happy and grateful for what I have.At 1:20 a girl in the background says "jebite se": that means "fuck you"ahhahaha.Oh yeah, and the blood is missing!

White needs to take away it's King's castle to correct sequence of moves.Great perspective!All trucks have horns.Could knock that project out in a day with vcarve and some careful setup.It seems like BF always camps out with the three pawns on the same side of the castle action, its like your broadcasting the games and its more exciting than an NBA game.BorisVarisBaris system?I needed to hear that today!She rejected Joe Biden's claims that Bernie Sanders can't win by citing her husband's back-to-back popular vote victories in Iowa and New Hampshire.Thanks This Old Tony!Big blunder 3:35 King f3.

Your talking is so boring that I

Your talking is so boring that I

Spidermanpointingatspiderman.That's a beautifully made nixie.Anh danh hay qua.This is why you wash your hands.Detroit become human(ps4) android glasses.OmarGosh, love your work but steer clear of your friend.The amount of cards you need would be AB where 'A' is the number of equal piles and 'B' is the number of times you sort the piles.I can’t watch this with that background music.Cause i can,t download from youtube.If you want more of a glow maybe try dropping the LEDs down by adding one more and placing back to back and then up against the underside center with the lights facing out sideways, and then adding a reflective surface around the edges of the underside of the rocked area, angled up towards the strips in center of table so the light will reflect off of the reflective surface an back up at the underside of the surface from edge to center.

Bang pecatur cilik kita sdh da yg

Bang pecatur cilik kita sdh da yg

Talo na sana ang black.Is that not need to add baking soda forbaking this cake.Intriguingly so dominant Magnus.Knowing how to turn a game around is something I struggle with.6:23 is when you get water from that weird friend.These Magnus moves are more or less obvious.

Mikey Mayfield

Love ya penis wrinkles, open a show in New Orleansand lets do racing at nola racing .com

Adwik Mishra

I am the one who hi like at 999 likes

Norman Graham

My first dove tail joints, were with a handsaw, and a chisel.

Laurence of Eurabia

I tought it was Vladimir Pootin


Love that the Americans have big workshops and 100k worth of tools...Nice job ....

Xander Williams

Best RnB Adlibs of all time1. KC "Oooo yeah"2. Aaliyah " MmmmMMMmmmm"


Do you watch OPM? Please answer that would be great

Les Portes du Temps

I'm really sorry, but don't understandwhat you use as finishing product ... :(

D Turner

NiTe sounds like an INTJ.


Well done.Funny, too.

Bulats Schmiede

Hi Jimmy!Nice work man!Best wishes from Bulats Schmiede(The man with the carzy mobil anvil on a tree stump!)

Hazy Free Life

For your safety you should tuck away your hoodie strings.

soler leo

I listened to this song just before being 20. And then just after. Magical world and thoughts will never stop, they just help you to start a new chapter and to be proud of it.

SAMIA star

Le francais plz

pasha patz

Thanks for sharing, auto Subcribed...

Richard Feynman

He can't win every game, but I hope Praggnanandhaa will keep the faith, looking forward to a brilliant chess career that could well be ahead for him1

RC 5052

The inner cracks look like a time distortion or a blast. It looks awesome


I think a cool trick with XOR is that XORing a mersenne number of a specified size with a number of less than that size gives the number with the bits flipped of that specified length.


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