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Top 10 Epic Anime Fights of 2019

From DuSenpai :3.I have one negative feedback, based on personal experience.So nice video i like it.Now everyone is gonna know this line.Case 1: Alice sees 14 trees, in which case, Bob has to passCase 2: Alice sees 16 trees, in which case, Bob has to passBob has to pass, but by passing, Alice learns nothing she didn’t know before, she knows that Bob sees 2 OR 4 trees, but that doesn’t help her.What a good dude, i could see the likes of Nakamura and others taking advantage of the situation.Even though it converges to 1 as x approaches - 0 (real plane), 8:53 as x approaches 0 from any path on the imaginary plane, xx does not converge to 1.

Edit: Good job though, I guess.Use the nap on your arms to apply the adhesive just kidding.Wow looks great!I seen your some vdo i loved your vdo they are very effective.That way the boys could do as much of the work as they wanted.This is the best explanation I have found on this endgame, after viewing about 8 other videos.If he was an out of control serial killer the mob never would have hired him because he would have been a liability.

That 1st dude must've been drunk.

That 1st dude must've been drunk.

Mato does stand-up on chess.He never played competitive matches due to his families moral code against gambling.Sellers, I love the things you had to correct to make it work.Another difference is that this video looks like chess to me, but the bullet game looked like another game altogether.Agadmators favourite opening - captures captures.Makes the Martin videos I've seen of their work like a bunch of hacks.Onischuk in the last game chooses to avoid it.The game around 1:12:00 has some really nice tactics.Love how you kept saying"so fast" for Carlsen.

How to convert

How to convert

I admire his skills.Why did all the games start at mid-openings?From an artists perspective the stylization is so cool!Day 1: 3 seeds left.15:02 deport all moral paladin commies to africa.

The Sicilian and the Dutch can

The Sicilian and the Dutch can

) Love the epoxy inlay!Expected a lot from Anand but he did not deliver.It doesn't say you must use all cards.This is one of the best YouTube videos I've ever seen!Lesson 1: Don't play funny openings against Super-Grandmasters.Can women play it?

Actually getting started is always the hardest part

Actually getting started is always the hardest part

The feeling of a GM toward a 4 players chess game, seems to be pretty close to the feeling of a regular player toward a regular chess game.Gorgeous table, Shaun!Looks like he was looking for a way out?It looks like you found Rob Cosman.I'm sorry but that name is unintentionally hilarious.

What use are these

What use are these

Man that GrandChase Dimensional Chaser i will recommend!Best videos of maths,this make math easy.Egg ki jagah kya use KR skte bataye.2x for normal speed lol.Now lets see the reverse of this: how much will she be able to win with this rule applied to her?Sir I want to learn such kind of work.Well said agadmator.

It gives you the ability to capture the Bishop, or Rook based on what white does afterwards while preventing any royal forks.Why is vat19 obsessed with the most dangerous pepper ever?Brilliant idea give you hangovers heart diseases.Other Youtubers: apologize for not uploading for a long timeAgadmator: apologizes for uploading too much.Destructed in the end.A fixed upfront fee consultation fee2.


5:34 Are you using imperial, not metric?EDIT: Ok I see by the plans its all inches.Why not metric?

Michael Madison

left 4 dead lol... really

Corona Chan

Both players were making poor moves. Does this robot have something like a difficulty setting?

Vid for Knowledge


MCFinalNinja FTW

I like to call the knight's tour Paul Revere's Ride

maria luz joanna soria

I hope Hero Angeles gets the right ABS-CBN support for his comeback. A rough gem in his chiseled by time...sana huwag ng palampasin ang second chance niya!


Bullying...started it.The kids teased him, the teacher made fun of him, very sad. Those things do not just leave without being wealth with. They followed him in adulthood. Be careful how you treat people and teach your children to do the same. No one in that restaurant deserve the evil act, but kindness can soften the most hardened and broken of hearts.

Son Le

Ging anh hay tht


Alcohol: is literally poison.Humans: drinks anyway.

Craig Monteforte

very nice job Caseyit’s amazing how much easier and safer life is with a good out feed tablehaving all the extra features isa super plus ! Melamine is a great choice as welli did Woodworking professionally for 20 years andhave made many shop tools and jigs from itit’s way tougher than most people realize


Next time use colored powder so it will look a little more like galaxy

Allison Mariah

"I should've listened to Ben Finegold"

Rizu Rizu mol

.. UPIoading ...

o Ali o

1:45:46 "Yes Nc6 he has to try. no other useful move. no?! "


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