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Between the detective and the "clen the room" note, I'm losing my shit.Great video and congrats on 20k!Actually Capablqnce cud have played Nc5 to block the bishop.I love your measuring work!

Metal 3d printing is why

Metal 3d printing is why

Nice but in the king gambit my opponent just keeps checking me what do I.Next time Alireza will be called "Ali"?3:15:55 - hikaru becomes sheep.This video hurt my brain.So weak kingside.Burts like you think her net worth is more than mine hahaha.I Love to see Hikaru Vs Eric syncronize stream.Hi jerry, i have a question.

Carlsen like f2tekzz.

Carlsen like f2tekzz.

And then i realise the game is just way too hard for me.All losers from Microsoft I checkmated in 41 moves or real people not continuing into a real messy loss take the road travelled by im about nn card trick.I Like the stoness theme.I just finished making one of these for myself.Qae8-Kf5Qhe5 checkmate.In the first variation after white captures the e5 pawn with Knight instead of castling black can play Ne6.Opps i forget the white king --.El medio trabajo!Important thing to remember: In game, a roundabout is quick and easy to build and replace an existing interchange.

Is for you to grow.Both knights are in the king side so why do you continue using the old notation QN and KN.They tend to play sharp openings (especially 1.Was surprised no mentionanalysis of 18.Suggestion can we see Carslen himself on the channel?

I know you're trying to fit

I know you're trying to fit

Hi Mato, I have the impression that Tal, more than any other chess player, makes you crazy, is it so?But there are only a few real software engineers on YouTube who know what they're doing.Coding a 2-player mode is so easy.When I started watching the first video you did, I knew I'd be staying for all 3.You guys copied Sheldons idea but changed a few things.I love these blitz videos.My nigga flip been wondering where he went.


tun sau e thi c vua ri h em bi ri qu


Pathetic, the original film was from 2013 and show same thing ...

Jyoti Sangwan

Every one not think like i am achess champion i advise the all fingre are not same thankyou

Zach Belcher

that was an excellent end game

Arsyad Valentino

syangnya gak ada yg menggerakan pion seperti itu bro...

Patty J

arent the edges sharp ??

hung dat Vo

6:37 Nu tt n m f3 th sao nh?

Jared Blandford

oh shit

Yug S

Life is tough.

you tou

m ilf

Advay Sant

Aman's UNDEFEATED opening...

Khang Pham

Why are these TED-Ed videos so addictive?

Bernard Guy Nunns

I'm not a brilliant man. Upon thinking about this I figured that a circle has an infinite number of symmetries. So isn't it the sixth perfect polygon? I guess it isn't a polygon at all however but it is interesting to note that the more sides a regular polygon has the closer it becomes to being a circle.

Marius Duna

I like the part with delegate. Cool

Tushar Gaming Studios

sir i am having photo with you i am from lakecity


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