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Top 10 Worst Things About Anime Conventions

Shirtless sexyness is here 1:45:00.Digging those groupinou vibes.I learned a lot, great video!Question: Would you prefer people refer to your furniture as "Four Eyes Furniture"as in, "hey look the fall Four Eyes Furniture is coming out.My mind just exploded.I love the optical illusion of this bowl.I know deflection can become an issue with miter saws tho.

Few if anybody would ever dare to replicate what Martin has done here.And to clarify, women are eligible to earn the GM, IM and FM titles, but FIDE has also created a separate class of titles specifically for women,.Best project ever at rag'brown home.I have a Philips VR2022.

Chess is more for internet broadcasting, not television.PLS probably lousy shit ?Puzzle me Buzzle.I have to set on 0.Tal is the best of the bests !That was the classic super cop.Hi Jerry, I love the videos.Will they jack the prices on old TVs instead of having salesI’m sure Samsung and some of the big ones now 6 people have dies in us so what’s going to happen here I’m sure companies like Samsung have a lot of workers in the USA and Canada I’m sure maybe I’m wrong but I know Sony used to have a plant that made something in oshawa on Canada so I’m sure Samsung has companies around the world.Nice use of the Circle Inversion, BTW.How to make a winning plan.

Bro Carlsen is like

Bro Carlsen is like

Amazing, good job.Not just this the classics.Man I want a microjig sooooo bad!By the way, I like your analysis on critical moves.  that was not scary!Keep going Ali from Libya.The narrator implies there was one and only one correct solution to the candle problem, yet the readers here have thought of several solutions that are less likely to burnthe house down than the supposed correct one.05 sao ko v hu b5.

1:51:50 SHIT, MY WATCH ALARM IS GOING OFF!First domino : doesn't fallVideo : ends.Shouldnt the pawn be 2 even though its the most common it could transfom into any of the peices, the bishup be 4 since it is better than the knight and is better for more situations, and the queen be 10 because it can do many things and is priceless if the pawn cannot transform into it.Bxf6This is the beauty of chess You can even checkmate with a single piece.Last times I couldn't writhe you comments, but I was enjoying the videos.I have a friend who specialises in the Fried Liver, and the French wasn't cutting it out for me.It helps to have a slip shank on a screw so it pulls the material together tighter :).

That intro music is horrifying!At 2:24 what happened to gender equality.The inventor of Toki Pona?How you got lot of skin.How do we know Zion wasn’t willing to take his advices?You can over-engineer in pong more easily than minesweeper.These type of videos is exactly what i was searching for.Drunken mixing bowl.Objective: Create a 3x3 tictoeInstead proceeds to create weird shapes in console XD for the first few minutes.Awesome channel.


The scrap bin tosses and faces are the most relatable thing I've seen in a long time

Bruce A. Ulrich

The speakers look great, Shaun! And I like Kirby Meets Audio channel too.

Erdem Balli

math is not only a language, it is art

jaco bian


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how to update game

dakota sioux

....with Italian subtitles

Henry Lunar


Katja Farbenfroh

Hi, thank you for this recipe ! What I do not understand what is the diffrence between baking soda and baking powder may be someone even know that in german....?My grandchild loves choclate cake.....Thank you Katja

Dawn Pasquariello-Klous



"If he were to be a moron..."ROFLMFAO!

Tim Benedict

I'm a new sub. have found this lesson.....I have a question on moves 14 15.... In 14 B pawn takes W answers by pawn takes...why ? I've played with this for sometime, but can't find where W would not be better by moving to e4. The only issue I saw was timing, d3 can be answered by the kn.or the qu. Anyway what am I missing ? Thx for your attention to detail and endless expenations...

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