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Top 25 Offline Turn-Based Strategy Games For iOS & Android (2018)

Still the platform reports it Correct." Sorry, couldn't help the Toy Story reference.Having nothing left to declare, I await God's will.Bhaiya please can you tell the tool name which you have used please.I watched this whole game and all i got was this lousy T shirt.I hope Magnus has a hobby or something like hiking if he drinks, sleeps and shits chess, he'll flip out sooner or later.This is BADabun.I'm an excellent subscriber for almost 2 years.

NobodyNowhereKnowhow.7:59 why can't Black queen G3 capture rook on F4?We want to find bc.What type of wood stain did you use?If Lopez did that today headline would be "Typical Incel takes own life.You need a bead blaster.

The poor does not creat job and

The poor does not creat job and

The potentially added benefit being that you keep additional rain off during the wet season.Why the heck did he ate the king.Outstanding craftsmanship.I'm sure little Magnus shook off his draw with Kasparov tho.If India's pairing was tough, Poland's must have been a nightmare.Mato, I enjoy your channel and I bought your book and the HIARCS program too.I am 63 and I love it, thank you.Kinda ironic that it’s called standard as well.I live in a very hot and humid city and always have had issues with fondant (bubbles, sweating, etc) it's so satisfying to see someone doing everything perfect.Abraham had slaves.

Great channelgot me into chess.

Great channelgot me into chess.

HOLY SH IT'S A KNIFE.It's funny just to watch Matlakov.Hello from Russia.I am a simple man, I see a knight taking a pawn I click.Your natural and logical thinking came across conceptually clearer than I've come across since I started checking out these lessons.I hope Samuel sees this before he dies.I like the announcer and the way it is presented.The Mesopotamians did not have 60 fingers.I hope my son big me up like this when he get older.I loooooooooooove the animation.

(Such as a hawkbill or karambit).Are these animated parts of the soldiers from a video game?What if you want them in your territory so you can trap them, or go after the enemy king?That being said thanks for the content.To be honest I would have captured with the pawn.I'm sweating, that was an intense game!This could be in another of your videos, I'm not sure.


wow i realy like it


He reminds me of Maker's Muse

david gustafsson

Us swedes used Yew back in the viking days, our longbows were later used by british and european armies with good effect. I doubt that any kind of oak will have the same tenacity and spring to it.

Eni Ekukole

I don't know but his left handedness is distracting.


Harsh marsh enirovement

DK1 dk1

Thing that I don't get is that why do people cheat in video games more use skills to be able to compelete the game story

Cheshmish Khan

Sir how i will learn programming

Kiyoshi Grayfeather



Poor vidit losing 3 straight game and the 1st place


A finger and wrist guard for a $15 bow that pulls 50? Ok.


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