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Transdutores g3 com newtecnoscopio diagnóstico

Thanks very much.I still want to build one like it.24:23 Black could have put you in check, then forked the two rooks lol.Actually how many possibilities you have for your second move will depend on what your first move was.Dr is unbelivable.It's just nice if you can actually think about the moves you know.

I can not find easily where to bye this product,priceand what warranty has if has problems!Where can i attempt to post a proof for this problem ?You sure do have a sweet shop full of equipment.The amount of time alone is worth praise.The bark literally made me jump, holy.I heard something running down the stairs.Czekam na wicej.Queen takes rook.

Them pops came

Them pops came

Pieces in order from top to bottom, left to right.I much prefer OTB games for that very reason, plus you get the whole psychological factor against your opponents.The mother made a mistake sending him to special needs school, thats a mistake i know i wouldnt have made.I don’t think that Diversion Safes are a puzzle.Though I watch in sittings.Hope to be free from it.

You’ve toured 2 of

You’ve toured 2 of

Amazing vid thanks so much.John Ben every were.Unfortunately, Igor Smirnov has such a tight schedule so he is unable to answer all of his student’s questions one by one.I love problems like these, they are so easy to understand but insanely difficult to solve, I spent approx 60 hours on this problem, reached nowhere.However, curious about the step where you're using toxic chemicals on your masterpiece.  It makes the game much more exciting.Queen was not there, then it was there as soon as the checkmate occurred.I never really thought about the orientation of the tool holder in the spindle making much of a difference in the vibration, but I guess when you're trying to do what they are EVERYTHING matters.

I didn't watch the video, but damn, what a cute Thumbnail -.OMG that’s not good.The joke in the end was funny everything else went over my head.Why not 13, Nb5 ?Never leave without a kiss.

This is just crazy.I love how he teaches.I purchased a table saw then I watched your videos and saw kick back it scared me so bad I haven't use it and it's to late to return it.Girl she was smiling though and it's her ass she didn't look like she minded.Torvalds deserves better, much better.John: this is a family friendly channelCOPPA: Did I hear FOR KIDS?

Ashen One Kenobi

chess CAN be entertainingThank you for great vids!

justice and summer

Cedric Silva

At 1:26, why not NxE5 then BxF4?

The Select Few

Damn.. We have the same birthday and are both fans of filmography, star wars, and horror.... Damn the coincidences... Im not a killer i promise

Assu shj

Kevin Paul Barnaiha

After the game they are speaking the language of Gods

Not SO Fast There

shirt pls - capture capture capture capture

Richard Sleep

So That's the famous Rubenstein. Capa is human afetr all! Great story.


Yo estaba naciendo y este we peleando con una maquina :v

Simoon Orteg


Sounak Mojumder

hi agadmator just want to say thank you , one year back I started playing chess, in blitz rating was 435 now i just reached 1200 your videos were really helpful

Football Analysis

Problem is if white play his black bishop well, it will be more difficult game.. A simple black bishop move to D2 can make black from attacking become get attacked..


I had no idea you could probe a boring head. Is there a reason you chose a boring head instead of a reamer? I generally see boring heads as a means to achieve diameters too large to buy a reamer in, but you can buy 1" reamers.

Mike Jowsey

"Barbecue.... enjoy".I love your dry wit.


Hikaru, organize a short casual match with Ginger GM perhaps. Cool to see you annihilate his bold chess. For him probably also. And to see him trying to cross over from his madness, and suddenly attempting to be 'solid' with you - as the only necessary survival preclusion - would be an instant online chess history record. -Devastation from you inside chessscape is taken almost like a divine blessing. He deserves few games with you.

alison low

very beautiful.....


Here's what I don't get: 4:30 I followed you up until you made the B-to-F transition. Suddenly you jump to a black key. How'd that happen? When I count 5 white keys from D, I get F again, not F. The video started by walking C up 5 notes on the white keys to get G. Okay, now G -> D, then D -> A, then A -> E, then E -> B, then B-> F .... wait, it's F. How'd you suddenly end up jumping to a black key? I know you HAVE to incorporate the 5 black keys, because the white keys are only 7 of the 12 notes. But I still have no idea how this circle thing yields F when all you did to demonstrate things was use the white keys before cutting away before you reached this critical juncture.As a kid, I played the accordion. This circle is exactly how the left hand buttons are arranged. C is the Home button, with a little dimple on it that you can feel with your ring finger. Each row has: counter-point, main note, major, minor, 7th, diminished. As you move up the rows of buttons, you walk clockwise around this circle. Later in life when I took up the guitar, knowing this layout of the accordion's buttons, I easily knew how to change keys. C-F-G (the common chord progression of simple songs) can be easily bumped up to D-G-A if you want to change keys to get a higher pitch to match a singer's vocal range. Easy!So I get how key changes work. but to this day I cannot follow the logic of the circle of fifths. This video did not explain it at all. I'll try elsewhere.

PHilip unte

Hallo wie lange sollte man zwischen dem ersten und zweiten gieen Zeit lassen direkt danach oder als erstes trocknen lassen?

Terrance Lowe

Holy shit I'm in EXTREME agreement with the majority of comments below on this youtube video. These guys need to stop changing the fucking board every 5 seconds with alternate variations and scenarios. JUST LET THE GAME PLAY OUT AS IT IS AND STOP FUCKING WITH IT.

Alan Capelari

Actually, you could grow winter crops, as shown in Stardew Valley.

Parth Gore



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