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I also feel bad for the alchemist, reply to stephen lukner because the reply list is too long.Great Game by Karthikeya.My mom was a ghost hunter so I grew up around it she dont do it that much now.That machine seems really well thought out and 100% geared for precision, user control, and feedback.

Chess24 user Zlatan56 a.Agadmator does lichess rating reflect actual rating?It's still measuring, it's just a different, and in this case, far more accurate, style of measurement.

This guy is so stupid and he’s nothing like Dexter.I also love the savagery of Fischer’s opinion of the e5 pawn, weak.Full movie evidunn kittum?1:56 it's called slave morality.I love you so much thank you 9999 times.BTW what the heck is with the dislikes’ on the vid!You'll see the expected times of 8 days (24) and 5 days (15) for the other starting positions work as well.

Pours liquor on keyboard Cheating bitch.(JUST WASTING PEOPLE TIME!I also do in parallel the last semester of a Master's degree in structure simulation to get both degrees.Thank you Agadmator!Some blindfold players claim they don't visualize square colors at all, so I wonder if I should practice visualizing square colors or not.This shows me all over again how power tools are underrated.I don't know how to play chess, yet watching this game feels so pleasurable.Knd5 f5imean not fav for black, but not crushed (yet) either.I would ask to you make a video making a stylized knife block to impress the wife.I love both so I take mechatronics.

Interchangability being the goal.They had a damned good admiral (Spruance,) and 2.Celestialassassins?Love this series.Hey, I subscribed.Thank you so much.I’m looking to make things for cons and need ideas ).Black queen to F1 and keep your middle finger.No way it goes all the way down to 1 right.

Players always forgive him I know

Players always forgive him I know

Looks like the Enterprise is struggling to escape the blast radius."Chess Tesseract"Ch.Dude Jak his biggest own biggest fan he dont say shit he regular.Can u do a video of ur transformer set up I like how u could turn the heat up or down.Giving you your infinite solutions.There's a lot of really good info.Managed to get mine via a guy who was selling Perspex boxes on ebay.4:30 "dennis Richie, a co-creator of linux".9:02 hes making it very clear that he knows what he’s doing.

Keep the good work!

Keep the good work!

Me: I wanna sleepYoutube:.Magnus is not only a way better chess player than me, he's also way cooler than me.Couldnt you figure out a better solution?Hello from Easton Maryland US.Great job Leslie!This one time I fed it some beer.


I was all set to say ''but it isn't REALLY like the Opera game, because Mamedyarov made an effort to develop his pieces...but then he didn't.

jane woodard



Agad, u from the way u talk, u give away who is gonna win the game

Debby DBF

Omg you're so cute

Arthur Hubbard

Street chess players always have that same thing in common..." Talking fast while attempting to stealingmisplacing pieces to gain an advantage".

Gacha Draws

8:01I wanna be in the room where it happens,The room where it happens, The room where it happens.Aaaahhhhhh- Hamilton.

Tsui Kit

What’s the point of this ad? 99.9% of your chess viewers don’t have that kinda money lmao. This is probably for someone like Dan Bilzerian, a rich mf playboy and also a chess fanatic.

vipin kumar gupta

There is a huge collection of workbench plans like this and more on=>

Betus CB

una maravilla


camptown race tracks five miles long.... duda duda.....Stephen Foster song


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