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Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake (Official Video)

At 30:12 why doesn't the black queen take whitney's bishop?THIS GUY IS KILLING ME Jerry is the best, lucky us there's only one Lichess Arena a month!Bhai is game ka nam kya hai.

E ngh a nn xem li pha vui.I love serial killers.Or is it because I can't properly calculate when playing the World Number 7 Super GM.Thanks for the video!Aww so cute, you're so much younger.

2020il kanunnavar undo supper movie.That filming is quite good.Lol all the comments.I don't understand how someone is rated 2700 but fucks up so hard?Song name 31:30 pls.Is it some special type of flour because it looks a bit different to regular flour.Especially considerig the huge price tag.I enjoyed the video.DID YOU SELL IT?

Maybe that server should be given away to Housemaster so 2b2t can actually handle all the players who want to play on it instead of having an 800 player long queue!( of plastic filament) ?You have a very nice treasure :-).He's a pussy who claimed he was in fear n just had to pump 8 bullets into his beautiful wife but instead of famous he'll be forever be infamous for being the coward pussy he is!3:24 why shouldn't Anderssen take the f5 pawn with the bishop?

I can also

I can also

Please don't say "acrossT", there is no "t" nor "ed" in the word "across".We kept on fighting wars within ourselves, taking lives of millions.He is the best chess narrator I have ever heard.Thank you very much bro.Wow that really looked like it was floating good job.Im a simple man.

Zach: "I feel like we could raise Bean, but they can't raise Bowie" flash back to Try Guys Switch Pets For A Day where Zach absolutely struggles to connectbondestablish trust with Bean.Why not Knight captures on c6?You really need a girlfriend.How Cook a Fluffy Pancake Super Easy 1:Make the pancake Look like a Dumplin 2:Eat itOr It’s Better do that With Mudcake For mudcake 1:Make normal Mudcake2:But put it on 5:00 minsIt Works for meh.Keep up the great work!I absolutely destroyed people with the grand prix after thus video.

Kamran Fulkerson

Y’all didn’t write goodbye

Pradeep Behera

not executed but created

Mooorii aka. Witticio

At the very end at 11:52:18 you can see ValeraB5 playing NikosGeo and blundering his queen in the opening :') (on the top right chess board thingy)

Kawaiipanda2468 Pekosi

So cool how u did it

alex s

1:36:34 Again vs Mangnus


A wise man once said: Happy wife, happy life.

Berry McCockiner


ng V Trn Hi

Vn 1 chi nh nghip d

John McGovern

He is a very decent and cool person.

landon .s

it is not just a Utah thing.

Dheer Bhanushali

Can't he play Q H1 10:52?

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