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TRIPLE Legendary Warlock Arena Run

Sana ay huwag kang magbabago.32:11 what if the king took the pawn could he checkmate him.You are amazing!Ummmmmmmm, I think I'm gonna stick with the quadratic formula.Love your videos Hikaru :3p.(Euler’s Charterisic).

"Not you, Jennifer.Hello my friend I haveGreat News I already make A BRILLIANT BREAKTHROUGH, Let me show you somethingthat you never see before,MY AMAZING CHESS CHECKMATE INVOLVINGKING, QUEEN, KNIGHT, BISHOPS, ROOK andPAWNS.Thank you so much.We are now in three dimensions)The whole concept is called Singularity.Please say Miles has a Tik Tok.I would consider Zero as the opposite of infinity."To win against me, you must beat me three times: in the opening, the middlegame and the endgame.

Anak kecilnya mukanya santuy:v.Google Sdmzt Sizo and go to the website.The Norwegian Partie?9:13 sao en ko v th vy.The california weed that everyone smokes in apple central offices is the SHIT i hope i knew their dealer.

At 5:45 there was a prsen.

At 5:45 there was a prsen.

Did not have a choice but to join you in the battle against apathy and sorrow in this dark world.Ha his voice cracked.That way everything stayed the same.What else is being counted?Happy Birthday as it is never too late to congratulate!2:11:10 Surprise!

30:05 i think

30:05 i think

Surely he could have at least secured a draw.Yous gotta help him.I get where they can all move now.I got myself a nice old cassette deck just last year and have had a blast collecting cassettes and making mix-tapes.I lost a game versus a kid in rapid tournament.I lamentably have to admit that I can and will never understand Chess at this level or even at any high level for that matter.First ever three division champ ever.Just only move the pawn at h4 and everything fixed.I was like "what happened who won?The reason Carlson moved his rook to h7 was to threat Rh8.

I lost it when i

I lost it when i

Me: I'm curious.I think one word is best to describe all calibre players like Tal, Fisher, Morphy: "Genius"!You bring so much nostalgia to me by your covering of old games.Or like a fairy prism.But, I've gotta say, he is god damn resilient and determined.What's inside an ATM a lot of money and coins.21:00 should have played bishop D4.The only bad thing to say (not really a bad thing) but you should of showed your superglue trick in the threads :).Anyone else think this was a Death Grips collab?

Sugestion Hey, you should check out the leela zero vs chiron in the computer chess championship of chess.Carlsen will smile when he watch this video like.Did someone throw a fucking smoke bomb in there?Master, pa shout ako para naman na promote ang YT at FB ko.Absolutely beautiful, great job.And record over the crappy engelbert humperdink tapes.Satu pion berharga klu main master tp klu buat pemula ya boleh2 aj buat cari like n komen video.

Though I would have thought the castle

Though I would have thought the castle

5:10 your reaction gave me an huge smile :D.Your sympathy is a sign of today's times and you'reShitygeneration generation.Chess(dot)comlivechessgame?He: "Hey my dear, look what i made in the last 100 hours!Pls upload soon.

Sander Jutte

Why? was his answer when confronted by the detective, an innocent person would say: excuse me (you prick)!

santosh vishan

Sir ye book milti Kaha hai

Jen Hutchins

Beautiful! But WAY over my head.


Magnus is a freaking computer like holy shit, been analyzing his games with the help of Lichess and my god...he plays nearly perfectly each time...

Shashank Johari

Feminists will not agree with this

Fabian Daroca


Matthias Lasowski

This is once again: AWESOME! Im thinking about to invite you next year to the german baltic coast for a big adventure. Ill start in the early 2019 to build a home. I think there is a lot of woodwork. -)

Tm Nguyn


Ro Efa

Nice work, but the screws and brads were not necessary, and will just ruin the tools of the next guy. Bad.


Illegal move at 6:35 or 6:39


4:22 Rf6, Kg5, Rf5...

Aaron Clark

How do we know for sure that Ptolemy's theorem is stronger without proving that you can't prove it from Pythagoras's theorem?

Karl-Emil Storm

"Watch it in slowmotion". I prefer watching 7 hour chess matches in slow motion hahaha xD


SayNAMASTE do not shake hands

Duke Of Denver

This the first time I understood why he said "sorry about that"

Michael O’Donnell

Hey Stew! Great review I'm one of the people who have warmed up to the new 52 supes costume I'm used to the trunks from the Christopher Reeve style superman outfit and now Henry Cavill's too ) keep up the great work buddy!! Ps I can't believe there is no dc movies next year!!! :( it's all marvel lol

Trainer Red

It turns out that I gave up way too easily..

Otto Roth

I no longer use drywall screws for anything...even drywall hanging.Drywall screws often break and strip out especially with overhead work securing drywall overhead.I use star or T 25 Torx deck screws...the heads wont strip plus they go in easier because they are teflon coated.Anyway good video on fastners..and BTW..I only use nails on framing with my nail gun or by using a 22 oz framing hammer which makes nailing a breeze. Besides many building codes only allow the galvanized nails to mechanical fastners... and in my area...there is one building inspector who demands every fastener nail hole has a nail in it!You dont want to get screwed using the wrong screw!

David Crandell

Hi Michael, That was awesome. Thanks for posting.

enlighted Jedi

I would be very interested seeing how was this game decided to be balanced!

sheenu bhatt

Wowwwww yummy

im trying to do that on asm emu8086

Justin Balubal

Ang sungit niyang lalaki so Anton!!!!!

JC Hernz


Petter Edward

WoWWW it's amazing dude.Congrats

Eric Dunn

Can anybody explain why White moved Kf2 to get the King's rook into the game rather than just castling?

Robin Cauwels

It's a loner, Magnus Carlsson

Amol Gawai

Superb winning , the child is really nice in chess

TheGoodDoggo Woggo

Does anyone know the coordinates of this island?


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