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Takes time but a very satisfying project!Slow ga cheppivuntey nka baguntmdey.Pls stop copying their words you are not going to their position anyways.19:33 How did the bishop move there?1v1 dyrrot lodi.Whoever cut Morphy's hair needs a massive slap.Love team sila Dante Rivero at Boots Anson Roa during their time, hangang ngayun sila pa rin magka partner pa minsan, bravo!Late Sunday Pete drops out, then Amy drops out earlier Monday but by then that is just one solid day.

God bless us all.

God bless us all.

Chop chop King boi.I play guitar and am now setting up a free to download channel on you tube for guys to usefor videos BrotherBruceDavis13gmail.She was so positive and pointing out the great things that each of the try guys created and the unique things they added to their drawings.Kept pausing to try and work out things, like how was white going to develop his light-squared bishop.3:50 directed by J.3:58 Jerry says "Everything but a rook or king"Nigel Short would say: "Everything, especially a king!Wow what a game!How can i improve chess virtualization technique NMsir.Imagine how bad his birth mother felt for thinking that putting him up for adoption would've given him a better life than she could have provided.Sadly, name unknown.

Why is this so cute.

Why is this so cute.

"sacrifice" is intentionally offering the queen.I see no issue there.Love that you put new labels on the wheel, and how you brought the wheel back to round.Kaylabmnklllk Lewismlllp.I guess Life isn’t always shit (They really need a new picture of Magnus on that purple Go Premium screen though.I really enjoy your videos.

In USA, they also sale SQUARE drive that are not "Robertson".  This was a youtube chess highlight for me.Horse f5 defends the position, about the non played variant related with rook e7.It might come off as cocky out of context, but for regular viewers it certainly passes as 'cute'.They should prank carlsen by making him playing 25 top gmdisguised.Who else is watching this video on windows?Has gone through what naka is saying here.Hey moe love the videos not braging byt your way beatter than ghost adventures lol i tell you what i am on the edge of my seat right knkw would love to here from you back be safe my frien and i am new to your chanel by the way.That prison he was at as a boy still stands, about 5 miles away from where I live.See the reflexs.

I hope I can be at that

I hope I can be at that

How do you clean off the cement from the roller?Your two boards arestunning in theirbeauty, butwill last long enough to become family heirlooms.I won, got interested in chess now I'm watching your vids and loving, them, they're so nice.The video talks about the absolute value of the pieces.That is some of the most beautiful wood I have seen in a long time.Uh, not sure it's technically a queen sacrifice, but I haven't played seriously for more than 10 years.Nichol is an amazing metal.Wow Naka is so insightful, love to hear his commentary.Lol speak that truth.

I remember the King vs Queen animation.Can we try this recipe without egg because of the egg allergy?What miter gauge do you use?The greatest chess player to ever exist.Rg1 ka2 Qa3 black wins Suren sir.It worked and was very accurate.My drawing turned out to be a 20" by 30" piece.Ohhhhhh I get what ur asking now."- Ben Finegold to elementary children.I want to get into woodworking but my main setbacks are 1: Not having a work space.

I didn't even know

I didn't even know

Love the grin at the end.Thanks for sharing!Do you cut the front or the side first?Clips murdered her.No it's no that's check the king can get the bishop.Mam kya hum oil ki jagaha ghee use kar skate hai kya?As usual, so helpful and amazing video!


Cosman style dovetails. I'm impressed!

Dominics Bastelstube

Hi this is a very great work i love it. Everything looks fantastic and everything is perfect. Thanks for showing that great video.Gru Dominic


4:40 please just caatle, rook supports pawn


i still love the furbies...


Magnus vs Naka would be hella fun

the pianist

creating knight's wall huh !


Two of the soundtracks I know best are here untouched by the game's sound system : "Apoplexy" by Bee Hunter of Jazz ( Deuce Lair ), ahh Mario Forever memories and also "Raptor Rap" from Jurassic Park on the SNES on the following map frame.N-NO WAY, TARZAN BOY BY BALTIMORA DURING THE STAFF ROLL ?!?!If I'd imagine a single second that I would hear that one in a SMW Kaizo !!

NeonNoodle e4e6



This is oddly satisfying

Mark Schuster

Could I burn with a migraine welder power supply it goes from 0 to 180 amps DC

Christian Small

What is the song that's used at the end of this? It's eerie but so damn catchy.

Potassium Cyanide

Take a shot every time he says bow

michael jing

how much does it cost?

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