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Tupac - Hit em Up (Dax Remix) [One Take]

HE GUESS MY ACE OF HEARTS LMAOedit: he guessed my 2nd too.Girl wins at chess processed through misogynist mind BITCH BE CHEATIN!Thank you for these helpful tips.Here’s as far as I got before I got overwhelmed by the number of terms I would have to expand and sum, decided I didn’t really have time to waste on that, and basically gave up:EP(1)2P(2)3P(3)4P(4).Heres to keeping our fellowship strong!I love pistachios.Tiger always roaring !

At 14:00, Rc1 is discussed and Jerry

At 14:00, Rc1 is discussed and Jerry

Apache and nginx seem to default to var to store files that need be to served for a webserver (at least on debian).I believe the rule states that if a Queen isn't available an upside down Rook may be used in its place.I'm simply happy to understand what's happening on the board.Mamukoya introdextion for mammooka manassiloru romanga ad kelkunbo.What type and knap of roller?I had to learn this the hard way.

Man it pains me to

Man it pains me to

So OA, OA1 is equal to OB,.That’s beautiful J.Where is the rook?What's the first track in the intro?You were playing a lot thinking about the oponent rating, about your FIDE points and I believe this is a bad starting point.

Clever handle jig and nice blade.7:20can someone explain why this is losing for white?Excellent presentation.So he moves it to c6.Eg in chessbase light, do New game.I'm a new sub to your channel and rarely comment on any videos but I felt I had to say how helpful and insightful this was.Imagine snorting it and then blowing ur nose and a bubble comes out.Unfortunately people that dodominos.Where is the middle of an infinitely big board.

Thanks a million!

Thanks a million!

I want to ask anyone who is interested if possible to get this letter to reach Diesel-powered.I don't understand why the other photos "could not be" released.Does Carlsen's 2856 or better equate to Kasparov's rating in 1999 or not, given inflation?You did not state how far u can move the sticks -.Ive always loved it how he takes the time to pay tribute to the victims at the end.2:44 Me faking the fast parts in the orchestra.Was that moe or his friend’s shadow or was that a spirits shadow.I'm an excellent subscriber I actually read the description.Dude, get rid of the music!The person on the confetti was quicker to realise he’d won than Mike and Daniel.

I love the way you calculate out loud.Wait where’s the king?You won t like all of course, but sure you ll love at least some of them :).Yea, it may be a good team overall and likely to win the game, but if you don’t see, call out, and remedy bad plans and execution when it happens then you don’t belong in that position.So the sharpened test showed you using a sliding motion not applied to the unsharpened test which makes the comparison suspect.How did you know there was going to be a Queen side castle?Why not take the goddamn bishop at 3:35.Please make this video in Hindi.

Scott Wilson

Aman you have a future in stand up if the chess doesn’t work out.

Alien X

The ghost are not food

Schnabel Tasse

17:02 "What should he do ?"1st: Start crying2nd: Resign3rd: Crying again

D Cat

What you do and how you do it is amazing !!! Thanks for sharing.

Tsone Media

here , feel free to have a moan about this . plenty of light to sound for your collection get at me for yours

beware, somebody will plan to slam a bluetooth in it (it's already mono) and create a kickstarter.

Strategos Kakos

Fish (29:30) is also important as it is not meat - and meat was forbidden/frowned uponto be eaten in lent and advent as well as on fridays by the church.This is also the reason for brining or salting the herring: It is the only way to get it to keep for those times and to transport it from the sea into the hinterlands

BrightN'Night Woomy

What the number was on a piece of paper that I ate

Brandon Payne

Prison rape doesn't always necessarily mean the inmate is gay sometimes they're not even doing it for sex just for intimidation and control.

Joel Yager

"You with the wrong answer" answers rightSuspicious


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