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I lost the game.Hey, thanks for all the info you provide here, it will take a lot of time to really absorb this.Animations are too long even at 2x speed, I was skipping.

Please I didn't see the milk at what time we should put it?The Conservative Black Guy.OMG it randomly showed up on my recommendation, and I found it really interesting.It's a conceptual problem rather than a tactical one, and it's hard to blame people for this kind of misunderstanding.I can't understand but interesting.

Moe maybe it's you

Moe maybe it's you

Somebody In The Crowd Said Nobody Likes Him Referring To John John He Still Fire He Beat Geechi Gotti I Know Yall Heard The Crowd Boo Geechi He Choked Tryed To Freestyle.Just saw one of your videos." that was a great joke because he fell for it." Said Tuco Salamanca.This is simply the worst board for your eyes possible black and white.Well that vsco thing definitely didn't exist outside america.The thumbnail doesnt look easy at all.Exchanging down should be the fastest way to get to a won ending if in fact it is there.Save your fingers folks.Getting the king into more trouble.

I really love

I really love

Castle crashers is my fav game.I like how Anand plays mediocre games (amongst his peers) for a long time then suddenly surprises us with games like this.You truly talented.1:51 Yoongi: "The interviewers were probably like who are these clowns?We are afraid of getting fired from work.Love Fischer though!Who can make like this website for me.1961 camaro huh?

Keep up the good work.

Keep up the good work.

All the bastards will be removed from the whole country states in the future because the whole India barath thesam belongs to Tamils we don't need the prostitute mixed people in the power.Pretty easy to use.French defense is much cooler than I thought.That really is beautiful.Your design makes me jealous :D.Nakamura: If I hadn’t waste those 20 seconds I could’ve survivedSacks the QueenGets beaten by a International Master.The girl could have won but move the king in the wrong spot.I live in a tiny space, made possible by wheels casters (under everything!It'sKind of like looking paintings of the great masters on a poster in the mall !

Edwin Rodriguez

JJDD 3-0

Patrick Star

I'm just listening to this while reading the Deathly Hollows

Nick LeBlank

One thing I love about watching your videos is getting ideas for handcrafted tools and jigs.

Star Holmes-Word



Thanks for this.

Noslen Nanagnadgap

Kung sino man ang mga nag-dislike sa video na ito, ay mga walang utang na loob sa may LUMIKHA!

Atharva Arya

Who else missed hello everyone in the starting

Sang Truong

A i 2:03 mk a m ln d5 dc ko a


All the time in the world


It's something to be able to commentate blitz games well, but to commentate bullet games well.. takes talent, really love these!

Jeffrey Barranco

You can still play flappy birds on your Android device. Just download the APK file and install it on your device. Here is the link:

Steven L

I would had quit a long time ago.most folks i know who buy these el cheapo system, they would not had upgrade all parts at all.and the folks who buy these system won't be willing to pay any $$ to do any kind of diagnostic.i will just yank you the hard drive, backup the data and load it on a off lease Lenovo, Dell or gasp HP corporate laptop and call it a day.HP makes good stuff except the stuff they sell at mass merchant.


Mnh thy Trng hay chi M:c3 nc th 3


Whaaaaaaaaat you were in my hometown?!



I love how his hat and his shirt switched Colors from 0:21 to 0:23

Insomniac Audio

Wanna fight people in the crowd? Sore Losing at best!!!!

Jakub Dbrowski

"Bishop to d2... Uhm, lol??" lmao


The myians used 13 base does that mean they had 13 fingers?

Riffal Putra

tu gk tau main yg pegang putih hahahaa

M. Kharis

Most important Question, why is it recommended in 2020?


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