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UMT-OPA Hosts Punjab Rapid International Rating Chess Championship

"knight Ka swargvas".Disappointed I bothered watching.Vital sounds go woooo lets just say that shotgun got one thing straight.The end point of your channel is to get people returning to it.Let's wait for the fcc for susy particles. Chess is doing well bridge, on the other hand, is disappearing.

19:35 never laughed this hard about a

19:35 never laughed this hard about a

You did wonderfully!And in this position, it's White's King that is weak not Black's.Lunox nothing actually team support if mm and fighter become stronger lunox nothing this team support lunox ask one vs one lose.Finally some great use for pine.It really bothers me when i blunder away games to players well below my rating this game probably gave zhigalko nightmares for a long time to blunder away an almost win to a draw against the world champ.Don't push pawns on the side that you're weaker!Bumble bees techicaly can't fly according to laws of physics.Thank u very much !That one see-through bishop would tingle my OCD :P.

Needless to say

Needless to say

The mark of a Craftsman is not always having things go as planned, it's being able to fix it flawlessly when it doesn't.This step seems to be missed in all the clips.1 thousands more working fluts than the total deph otherwise the tool wil crash with the working material with the sectionthat does not cut."Usually karpov is playing classical sicilian with Nc3"?Who else thought he was going into a library before u saw who the teacher was.Thanks for that.Fisher would have ate the king and Robert saw it coming, thats the real reason he backed down.Best chess trash talk ever.This is so cool!Hpp: No such file or directory"I now want to fix that, do you know how?

If you accept your opponents resignation, is

If you accept your opponents resignation, is

Maybe there is nothing special about it, maybe its Just the way it is and its the first of infinite series tha cause this problem.Raumschach has the unicorn, which is like a 3D bishop, and the queen can also move in 3D.Absolute master piece of chess!Awesome, as usual!The Persian princess Stateira was pregnant by Alexander the Great.I've just been in this place before, higher on the beats and I know it's my time to go!Very nice, good job!What happened to videos!

You not only defend the pawn on

You not only defend the pawn on

But then again, it is Vassily you know, he could be just staring at empty space.(I know he is talking so it will be slower but point taken).Earth day April 22 and u posted in April 23.My 2011 macbook pro is still a beast, I would love to buy a new one.Thank you Rebecca!You sucked all the fun enjoyment from the game.


This channel is Internet explorer of youtube chess channels.....


You know when Marcus says: "not sure how to justify It, but it just feels good" that his opponent has no chance... No one can beat a chess genius who is playing by instinct.


I love these videos of your macho creativity.m/


mighty bold for the greeks to call persians effeminate like they didn't diddle boys


You’re the bob ross of chess you play effortlessly

Abhiraj Sinha

Awesome ending

Jahn Christian Gungob

2:00 what is that tool? can someone share. Thanks


Lol awesome video, subbed half way through :D

Matej Buri

Too fast, too Good!

Street Shootr

So glad this design is finally available in 2.25 inch!!

Shumbu K

at 1:13:23 why can't Duda play Nxe6 with Ng5 after.. or Nxc7 ?

MD Yousuf

Please clear your voice.

Richard Solomon

I picked up a granite countertop peice from a supplier for free. Makes a fantastic lap plate.


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