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Unbeatable Secret Weapons for Black! - GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

Ivanchuk plays like alpha zero.Wait if the stormproof matches dont put out how do we put it out qhen we need to?This is referred to as the Zombie Apocalypse Opening.Hip-hop niggas want to be feminine dressing in tight clothes carrying purses mumbling RB niggas went from turn off the lights and light a candle I love your beautiful skin your sexy eyes to give me some head eat ypur ass now call an Uber get out rappers was hardcore manly now bitches fruitcake with colorful hair and ignorant.

What's the name of

What's the name of

Great instruction and video!Thanks for all you do!Ben is getting old.Lol at all the angry ukrainians.Keep up the good work Doug!Then unfortunatly I dropped the board onto its corner and deforming it.Those that follow your idea to use a second pushstick are just buying a lottery ticket to disaster, everytime they use it the way you showed.Lily's theme will always remind me of our dear Professor Severus Tobias Snape.Great job but not worth anything without measurements.The last is the best hand ever wkwkwk.

But my opponent has a brain!When they can't communicate how they plan this strategy.This asshole is a douchebag.The wankel has a cult following, and making a working one would would be considered an achievement of the highest order.I got suspicious too when she plugged dat lipbalm into her ear.

I have dream to make things like that but I have no money.Any advice for someone wanting to do that?We gotta talk about how bad champion predictions r.It would've given you the effect you were going for and you could have made a cast of a bottleneck to use as well, and then glued it on with another layer of epoxy.Janangal vithikkanam exactly good Samoohathil nadakkunna thettinulla punishment.I had a friend but he left me for nothing.That's a beautiful game.

6sqrt(9)sqrt(9)-sqrt(9)6(log10log10log10)!7:10 it looks like a line going straight through the triangle's centroid in the third demention.I didn't understand 99% of the things he said but still enjoyed tho.I was exhausted by the end of it but entertained at the same time.The black player cheated.Hi just wanted to say thx because I can never find this song on YouTube that lasts for at least 10 min!You have a heart of gold, Jerry.I was using woodprix instructions to make it and I did it already :).Who the f is this guy?

Murder kills people:Me: Eh, whateverMurder kills animals: Me: NOOOOO.You can see the wood you are working with and the bag holds in the steam.At 9:05 why doesn't the f6 work?When you see a football game replay byzidane, ronaldo, Messi etc.Lol Better to buy a computer rechargeable back up battery, install a handle and that out to the garden, and bring the laptop too!15:29 What if you just block with the A2 rook?If that is in any way possible to remember.And I lost my kids for smoking weed in a legal state.

Absolutely won-der-ful !

Absolutely won-der-ful !

Im stuck at 1100ish im getting so frustrated.I'm sure I missed a lot but it's the biggest thing that irritates me.The opponent and my little app are making the exact same moves.Perhaps an Observablerxjs issue?Glad you two had so much fun with this.I agree with square edges on the top instead of the curves.

Anton Dissent

I say there's an infinite number of chess games and I can prove it.

Dan Pos

Hey Titan. Did I do it right?G17 G21 G40 G49 G80 G90 T1 M6 (DEFINE VARIABLES BEFORE RUNNING PROGRAM)100= (TOOL DIAMETER) 101= (FLUTE LENGTH) 102= (DEPTH OF ANGLE NEGATIVE VALUE) 103= (SPEED) 104= (FEED) 105= (ANGLE TO CUT) 106= (INCREMENTAL Z AXIS STEP) 107= (WIDTH OF PART) IF[105GE90.0]GOTO10 IF[105LE0.0]GOTO20 IF[101GT102]GOTO30 S[103] M03 G54 G0 X-[100] Y-[1001.1] G43 Z25. H1 G1 Z[102] F1000. M8 108=[106/[TAN105]] (Y AXIS STEPOVER) IF[108GT[1000.75]]GOTO40 109=[102/106] (COUNTER)WHILE[109LE1.0]DO1 G1 X[108] F[104] Y[107[1000.75]] Z[106] X[108] Y-[107[1000.75]] Z[106] 109=[1092]END1 G0 G90 Z25. M9 G28 W0 M5 N10 3000=1[ANGLE TOO BIG] N20 3000=2[ANGLE TOO SMALL] N30 3000=3[FLUTE LENGTH TOO SHORT] N40 3000=4[Y AXIS STEPOVER TOO BIG INCREASE TOOL DIAMETER] M30

Cassy Sida

could not be more disappointed in my fellow gamers, like dudes, DUDES, all y'all should be giving Lola all your money and you KNOW it

Charles Darwin

Very interesting.

Coconut Mousse

i get it and my friend alice didnt get it so we doom together XD

Lemon Kid

The battle of Antietam was the day before my birth day


It has become a routine with me to not see the rating of my opponent whenever I play chess. If it's bigger I get nervous and if smaller I underestimate.

Cesar Garabini

I think the computer was cheating. Probably using an engine. Shame.


Wait a magick square is like a sudoku puzzle!?


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