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The sell out of "made in germany" is on.Please help meunderstand how to look at this.An almost unbreakable cipher is the arithmetic cipher, where it works like this:Let's encipher my name, Alexander:A 1 BL 2 NE 3 HX 4 B(wrapping around)A 5 FN 6 TD 7 KE 8 MR 9 A(wrapping around again)So ALEXANDER enciphers to BNHBFTKMA.

I wonder if this is always the case.Looks fantastic, congratulation for this good idea,.Seems like a nice way to fork the king and the G7 pawn with no risk as the bishop is pinned by the rook.

Your occasional laugh is pretty annoying.BETTER NOT RETIRE LINUS!Maam apne konsa red food colour use kiya ha.Captain Here, head Homescreen, right click, Screen Resolution, Orientation: Portrait.Amazingly instructive analysis as usual.Mission Complete!

By the way, Great video.

By the way, Great video.

And is IM higher than NM ?Like a snake in the grass!9:01 that's a forkmate.Your daughters are going to be incredible craftswomen!Sean Connery and Roger Moore have both done 6 films while Craig is coming up to his 5th film.Capture according to Chess convention!240kg of pressure, quite good for this wooden clamps.

Still don't understand

Still don't understand

Gracias por compartir."This mysterious hoody guy that no one knows the true identity of.  This would be a godsend for a science teacher.How do we know that it was 3121 coconuts?"Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on November 5.If they blade would have snapped them ray bans would of not took that hit.Me: hears the word floofAlso me: I'M INTERESTED.This is very, very, great !I like this version of dope or nope better, without tanner and Michael.

Look down, there’s your answer.

Look down, there’s your answer.

The black position was lost in an early stage because Black had no way to activate the black bishop and the rook on A8 was out of the game while white made full use of its pieces.I guess if you're teaching kids chess, you've got to do something to exercise your brain.This is my main fuel.Like my grandmother used to say: with a full pantry anyone's a cook !The point is, however, that spheres 1, 19, 28 and 37.I think I’ll subscribe too.

Keep you both safe.

Keep you both safe.

Append('Black')for i in range(12):a.Before that trade, Black's drawing chances seemed good.One problem Anand's opponents have is they don't have enough time time think.I'm just starting out leaning wood working, I couldn't begin to do what your doing, I'll just stick to making simple picture frames and simple box joints.A hard check mate.People where indeed drinking a lot of beer in the Netherlands, but that was indeed a low-alcoholic beer."20% of the donations go to charity".2:26 real smooth.

Janie Gonzalez

What are the thickness width if you don't mind me asking. It might be arbitrary however, they look like the perfect size for a "3D" chess board I made a couple of years ago. Thanks Shaun. Love your videos projects. That bar lift you recently made is amazing.

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Cross path the fibre to make it stronger

Eliot Rosenstock

These nimzovich vids ARE exactly what i'm looking for!

Gajendra Basavaraju

Nice work jerry


Where are you buying flour for $9!?

Jam Sparing

I do believe it is possible to have to use more than 4 colours if we are talking maps for countries if the countries are split up into pieces, which is something that's technically a thing in real life?

Saurabh Pandey

at the end it seems like they have fast forwarded the video.


the "epic circle" video makes a lot more sense now

Nemo Rulz

The violin was lower than it should sound because it was a viola. Jake actually does play the viola lol.


These two obscure players.. . 'need no introduction?' Was that some kind of esoteric joke?

emanuel pimentel

For the moving part of the snake, can you keep track of it's x position and y position as well as it's x speed and it's y speed to move it? Example,function snake() this.x = 0this.y = 0this.xspeed = 1this.yspeed = 0this.update = function() this.x = this.x this.xspeed this.y = this.y this.yspeed (The rest of the code to control the snake with the arrows goes here).

neomaxxm many missed opportunities by the kid. Especially towards the end.

Steve Tobias

Extremely beautiful box, I love the choice of hardwoods you have used. Again, absolutely beautiful.

Karthikeya Yalavarthy

White is idiot


At 1:48 the maps of the US states contains dark blue, light blue, green, red... and brown. Why is the background (ocean water) ignored? To draw that map 'properly' with only 4 colors you would have to swap CA with NV (so that Nevada was dark blue, CA light blue), and similarly with Ohio and Kentucky. Then the 'oceans/lakes/rivers' can be changed from brown to dark blue.


Poor carauana. He is going to suffer.


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