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Yeah dis is the way to introduce chess.This man's eyes are so empty.Please tell me books for intermediate players.Can you make a Parker square though?Though the possibility of a pathogen, like the influenza virus being genetically modified for the purpose of biological warfare is within the realm of possibility.At 6:35 the girl cut the g2 pawn and then she moved her queen to another place illegal move truly illegal the boy also did not sawIf u agree hit the thumbs up button plz.Sad state of the affairs that rocket propulsion is understood as "action produces a reaction", instead of a careful analysis of the forces produced by the pressure, actuating in an unbalanced condition, in the combustion chamber.Also would be good to have a digital board on screen so we can see the game.

" sounded like something from my bedroom last night.How much is your rating.Seems like a decent move.0001 of an inch on the scale at 3" 4" and 6"you can read a tape down to.Yep, regular old Hentai content.Yung totoong mama NiyaNiya na subrang naaawa ako.

Trying to analyze every coulda woulda shoulda move.I can't state an opinion without it turning to a shitfest.Missed previous comment :.I was wondering if you ever considered on doing a video (series?(we need more 12h videos by the way).Thank you so much for the years of truely amazing content.Just watched the video and went on lichess tactics.How did he see that queen would be recaptured?

Tal was not born during

Tal was not born during

Fatigue could set in or whatnot.We ask for your discretion as a viewer.I’m so sad they were starved like that and miss treated.That's kind of disappointing.Magnifique Magnifique Magnifique.Still feathering it out here in LA.Very fascinating!

I am a

I am a

What can I use instead of butter milk?Any redstoners here understand this.But i lied on poligraf and passed like LEGIT the thing said true.This commentator.Congratulations.Lol WTF, I got an ad for monitoring systems where Linus was the main person on this video.People that only vote based on their feelings need to be put on their own wasteland island.Very easy receipe i will try vry sooon.

Kasparov vi ch liem.I know how it's not easy, great work bravo.I really love the fact you're teaching this, and now I know a thing or two about 'normal' gcode too!Sun and surf as chess and cough.Is that fine mr.

In my phone i just see a demon wherever they hear someone By the way I have a ghost caught phone.I like the Norwegian Rat opening.The new era of board games, bringing classic multilayer games to loners like you.Miles staring at Eugene.Russia is country of extremes.Black could have consolidated his king position with pawn to.

scallahan 4

the more eric rosen videos I watch the more im realizing he is very tactically sharp...i.e the very first game

Chris Devine

Can someone explain the 1:28 clip?


Lol the game vs Laurence Trent was hilariously. Almost felt sorry for him, but I know Magnus trolling was all in good fun, hahaha. Laurence lost 4 games in a row with rook odds? Lol that's pretty pitiful, even vs Carlsen.And love Magnus cheeky smile at 44:34. Ahhahaha. Carlsen is such a gifted troll, just couldn't help himself and had to throw one more jab spar Laurence.. Hahaha

le lisboa

Very though game for black. even after he lost castle rights Wei Yi overcame with an impressive enhancement of his position. Great kid.

Dirk M

Hey GJ, I really love your style of play. I watch your videos over and over again and still get so much out of it. My question is how you should go on as White when Black plays d6 or h6 after White has castled right in the beginnig. Unfortunately, you didn't cover these lines in this video.

Chandrashekhar Hindu

Praggnananda is a legend....In INDIA....I think he only lost to another INDIAN Vishvanathan Anand...respect from Mauritius

Johannes S. H

If you’ve ever felt the wallet in hand, then that wallet you just made is waaaayyyyy to thicc

Souhardya Halder

It's a pity win,but the idea isencouraging the kid, building confidence

Milos Milovanovic

Carlsen should play openings like Radio Jan. Najdorf, Grunfeld, KID, this would be a great show

Denise Morales

amazing art!!


3 sticks is annoying because I did it in two moves.


The first adequate game I've seen by Wang Hao. Strange character.

chithra usha

Njanoru lalettan fan aanu,ennalum mammooka yude inganathe moviesbhayankara ishtam aanu.. Excellent acting,brilliant act... Inganathe movie mammookayke cheyan pattu...

Wyze Geye

what about minors?do you transform them the same way?go down 2 half steps?

Shai Hazony

I am 12 years old and watch this channel.

Hi Everyone.

Another great video by ChessNetwork.

Andy Macdonald

Over 60 - really old!

Shanya M.

This comment might be a year late and 26 dollars short, but can we talk about Keith shouting YEAH !!! For the lat 10 seconds of the video

Yngvi Birgir Bergrsson

What about e0=0? Or like another comment pointed out e0-1=0

Eric Hill

what is your son name and your name and your wife name he is so cute

MonK Pala

2020 and i'm still waiting for my Porsche


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