Chess kansas city

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Vassily, Your King is on d4!

What am i missing?He was almost 20 points down and went on like a 2 game winstreak to take the tournament.I needed to see something like this because I feel I need to break through this barrier I feel I hit.Damn i hate all these comments tryna be like the content creator every channel fucking shits.Thank God motorcycling and hockey have few, if any, thots.

Carlson is awesome, simply awesome."Who is Kevin Conroy?Capturing the feeling of Kirk and his crew, but in this case as special guests on a maiden voyage of a new Enterprise with a new crew.Dude this is amazing!Why not artificial flowers or pretty stonesbut the pencils are still awesome!I Supporting for.I am somewhat of an expert on this.Experience do matter.Make video about calendons court pls.

If so how much would you charge?

If so how much would you charge?

Why does magnus always make the game so messy on himself?That'sa fantastic projectsr,congratulations!Does numberphile mean a pedo mathematician?That part doesn't quite make sense and should have been more explained.Some of the best videos out in all aspects.

Pushrods from a mini or similar

Pushrods from a mini or similar

Respect to Master P and Romeo.Nada mas tiene la carita.No one has done that.Beautiful built!You are the best!Instrutions unclear, dick stck in queen.Suren This is not justice.2:47 Lol funniest reply ever.

Just now I read a YouTube comment from other video of a person talking about it was a treat to see Karpov in his early days, young with dark oily hair n something like that."I'm here for depth" Did you get lost in the sarcasm Naka?I like how it's presented explicitly without philosophysing it.I’d like to argue that 7 is not the correct answer in this case.So we helped just a bit.

Thanks for sharing.Correct ones, and mine.Hence the Extremes of shite.Grabe ambilis ng isip.I was having trouble if the king can eat a bishop in front of him.Shell Sort (at 3:37) is interesting.I don't think i would want espresso from an aluminium espresso, Alzheimer and all that.


Thats a fucking weird coincidence. I went shooting today and shot a tv

Joanne Modine

Videos like this should be outlawed! It looks so yummy and because of the ingredients, I know it is! But you can’t taste a video!!!! Aaarrggghh!

Phil Buttle

What a beautiful game. Kept pausing to try and work out things, like how was white going to develop his light-squared bishop. Then the transition from trying to promote white's advanced pawn to attacking the black king was beautiful.


I thought you were Jordan Kilganon for a second there

Donni Baby

Twork best round was the third and nobody says he won the third. 30!!!

Lszl Szabados

simple human brain

shreya suri

I dint play chess on it but it decorated it

James Bantugan

17:27 1.. RC7 wins



Callum Sterland

If the drill bit is in properly but still looks "wobbly" then the drill bit isn't completely straight or there could be a problemo with your chuck.

Frankie Gee

Good game

Macro Tech

wow The Review of The Week changed so much

Michael F.

and a happy new year

Cos Pittner

Best dovetail video out there.

Oliver Hayhoe

I’m getting a real Twin Peaks vibe from this guy. Window Earle anyone?

SG Haven

3:20sao k ly hu n cht c

Mo'men Dhia

just asking at 10:40 what if we just play c3 there ?


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