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Visualizing quaternions (4d numbers) with stereographic projection

Safety ConsiderationIf you leave the insulation out, you run the risk of having the penny stove blow up in your face.I wonder how many masters level games have ended with a smothered mate?Do yo have these lists somewhere where I don't have to pour through several videos to get the information?Premium lumber then pocketholes?Rxe8Edit: nevermind.I came, I wanted to watch, but then the noise, I left.3:40 they have very blurry people that work there.I'll just go out and spend about 10,000 for the machinery first in order to make cheap panel doors.

Support your fellow genius!Magnificent game.It could be optical illusion because of that painting :).I remember thinking he was Ted Bundy even tho Bundy was in jail.Now off to watch the actual proof.

Keeps my kid soul.-Calla perra :v.Your time is valuable also.Found another way to get to 4 with 20obvious first move.ID KO 162486744.Please keep em coming.My wife of 18 years saved my life and been machining for 12 years.If I was in a video I would do rubiks cube.

This was very helpful but I'm always hesitant to move my pieces into the middle because then it seems like that would just make it easier for my opponent to capture them- they're out in the open.Wheres shipman at ?Yo im down with a game of chess with ya, looks good man keep up the good work.YOiNk, that's mine."His large black beard and aggressive style earned him the nickname of "der Schwarze Tod" ("the Black Death", based on the plague of the same name) after his performance in the 1873 Vienna tournament.Magnus is unbeatable.I want to see Vsauce with death note detective music.

WAS a fan of Fox but more i see it's increasingly run by kids who are caught up in the lowbrow jargon.Great video, real nice tools.Great commentary as always crusher!Eligin the first thing that you want is form the 4 heroes like Ling, wanwan,zilong,baxia, right.Thank you so much.Shouldn't the final score be 0.

This is probably my favourite one of your videos.It ceases to be intimidation and more like a blood sense, as bullet is where a non-super grandmaster is most likely to beat Magnus.But the pawn gave a check.It's a cool little curio but it's rather obvious the fuel is in the ring, still it's a cool collectable for people who collect lighters.Agadmator got cooked way too quickly, definitely not on his A-game.24:30Instead of Nxd4, I think hxg4 would have been fine.As it stands, you've got material equality in the position at that point at the cost of delayed development and a less safe king, and then you accept a weakened pawn structure to get development happening again.Its very difficult to win with just a pawn advantage in your example I would have traded down to the queens and the try gain another pawn advantage and then swap off queens.Between them they use four mushrooms - one of every side of one 66 block.Gee you know how a person thinks.

Is it the draw that Euwe saw?  Oh and check my channel: I'm up about 500 Elo points in the past five years in the ICC one-minute pool.A s dng phn mm g phn tch th ?Krammer, thank you for one of the best video tutorials I've seen anywhere, very well thought out and excellently presented.When all said and done.I died out of laughter in 8:20.

My butt puckers every time.

My butt puckers every time.

Love your work Enjoy your presentation Inspirational and informative.Best Synergy is Overrated, It can't defeat 3 heroes with 3 starts equipped with power items.Dont look at the camera like a mad blooody fool.What kind of luck was on this bastard's side?A really interesting lesson a great teacher, I like his style.Sure it's been mentioned by now just don't feel like reading.3:43 what is he doing.What am I missing here?

Delta Omega

I don’t know man seems kinda like donald trump

MagicPigeon TagPro

3:45 nice Slack notification :P


On 12:34, White can even win the game by playing exd5. Then he can queen the pawn and take black pawns and checkmate black king.

Joe Figueroa

Says to make sure all is perfectly centered, cue wobbles on lathe like a Hispanic girl's ass at a club.

Who woulda thought that the thinnest you can buy aluminum is just a little more than half a dime.


So if there is extra terrestrial life it probably lives around stars we can't even see

Jon-Paul Ellis

early on when the knight is pinned, can white try Nde2, either instead of the queen coming out or developing the dark square bishop?


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