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Viswanathan Anand vs Magnus Carlsen | 2014 World Chess Championship | Game 8

Carlini is like Kozo Hoshino!This needs to gain traction.However, I will say that I know that by playing chess, it will teach me many strategies, benefits and advantages about playing the game of life itself simply because the game of chess is in fact, a microcosm of life's set rules.Hey this is my game!

Watched this super high, loved

Watched this super high, loved

Fantastic commentary.I was hoping you were having a proper time in the pub.I can't believe you can just.I once otb promoted my pawn to a king instead of the queen and stalemated the game, we both had a good laugh.Are these for free?GM should have been focusing hard on the board from the beginning instead of looking away from it as if this match would be easy.With very best play white does get an edge but white has to make some counter-intuitive moves to get through, and even then it's not a sure win - I've seen IMs go wrong in that endgame before as white.We love our great President God Bless America.

The angle of the drawer faces is so cool.Elon Musk stated that Edison was one of his role models.I think I learn something.20:03 My Pc literally blue screened at this moment.If the mouse jumps left then right then left then right then goes on for the eternity until it dies (not by the cat), ideally it would take an ETERNITY.Well done mate !Should we arrange the cases also.Thank you St Louis Chess Club.

You did a great job and it was

You did a great job and it was

Magnus is so strong during the end game !The cops would never expect someone to put it on youtube.If you found D7 its not the move man.Its getting too much with all these guy's.Really well done video, great pearls of wisdom, particularly with the epoxy finding its way out of cracks and use of hot glue and tape.Slick device - Millclock should definitely upgrade the sound module.

Steve Vacca

Knights on the rim are dim. Capturing the W bishop was the right move.

Vira Chania

What's app?

Khairul nazmi

Are u mr bean?

Alen Bizjak

thanks. also at 11:26 what if white just pushes e4-e5

Simon Peterinek

Dear,I hope to see this kind of chess trainig more often. I lost interest in chess as a intermidiate player, but seeing this movie my interest start to come back. I hope to see this kind of lecture more often in the future. It is you that inspired me to start thinking of chess as a beautiful interesting game of full posibilities not as a game of some super persons wich I can not uderstand.


Tom does seem older. I got you burnt

Brandon Hatten

I think it’s a great table, but wtf is a magnet?

James Kennedy

Very nice work.

Infinity GamePlay


Archie Sampson

Nice to see someone who hasn't got a $2000 lathe but produces amazing stuff I love that lathe brought one myself.


its so funny when they look at the camera

Lionel Messi

Alireza is like Conor McGregor, he's a beast for 5 minutes, but man does he lack stamina for the whole match.


9:02 spinal tap moment: DON'T TOUCH IT!

Blaze Rhodon II

Please try to do Hong Kong 97 in Unity engine. Yoshihisa Kurosawa (game designer) made this game in two days with his friend who is a programmer from Enix. I'm pretty sure that your game will be better.And please, don't show actual dead body in "Game Over" screen xD.

Vishal Prakash


S Dj

6:11 why didnt he take bishop with the queen instead of moving to c7? That was game for him or im missing smth?


I just don't get what's so incredible or useful about this. It's simply the special case of the quadratic equation x = (-B /- sq rt[B2-4AC])/2A , where A=1 (no coefficient in front of the x2 term).


Good advice. Thx.


are they having "coaches" or something or what is dubov keep looking for/at? 03:04 , 03:32 etc

Haiyan Zhao

Haiyan Zhao

Haiyan Zhao


Cheryl Bee

Love that.It is gorgeous

The MadCatter

horray for magic software

David Galescu

I love to do something like this

Lam Pham

By leggan


Thats amazing.

Malevolence Loves

At 7:20. Why not bishop f3 even if the queen moves pushing the pawn hits the knight and rook?

Wayne Thompson

Do you have any problems when building projects or cutting rough lumber down that it keeps twisting warping or bending etc?


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