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Vivaldi Four Seasons: Summer (L'Estate), complete; Cynthia Freivogel & Voices of Music, RV 315 4K

Just found bending "sticks " from the tree, removed the bark and put nylon thread and went to town on the field, made it over our norweagian mini fotball field and over!With the opening.Plz make a video on single knight nd single bishop checkmate.Anand could have played kc3 to give it a try.

For gaming, if not geometry, you can have fair dice of ANY value.Why are you using code blocks?The bastard just wanted to poison people wherever he went.Chess with Suren.If you have 10 moves to gambit your queen she should at least be required to take it.Chang’e approachesGen: No.I almost blundered there" lol Magnus almost missed a common knight fork, winning the exchange.Managed to screenshot your face.

58:00 to 59:00 Mammookka.

58:00 to 59:00 Mammookka.

Wow that was awkward - glad it didn’t escalate.They're both great, I am doing both.Chess Battle Royale- 100 player chess.How long until you get the GM title?If Books or Movies.Was that like an easter egg joke or something?I have skipped these videos, not interested in games, prefer videos about numbers with ol Grimsey ).

We call it medium wave RF.Well, there is an even easier way xD -----import randomcou 0pos 4req for i in range(0,1000000):while pos!Hope l find more of your chess videos.That gave me a cringe.Your working tips helps a great deal and will hopefully make me a better maker.Any dutch people?Nice job and looks good though.

Well done my friend !

Well done my friend !

206 Slytherin’s.Sooo it's a draw?Lol, I am mesmerized by this video.Another great video Jerry!This is one of my favorite games you ever posted.I'll be sharing this with my kids to get them motivated and hopefully they will learn something.Dont overanalyzin it so much dude.Subscribe to my YouTube chess channel pages.Finegold is the real "gold" when it comes to learning chess.

George Doujaiji

5:00 it's technically true in list indexes

Samuel Miles

Is this a real game?

Titi azertyuop

Low level


I always buy tools i don't need. Still, after watching both of your biscuit joiner videos, i'm not sure i would ever use one!

Stephan Lorenz

what cind of oil is it where you put the wood in there on the end ?

Arthur Guerra

chess24 Jan, Please make Magnus use Jon Hammer's set up, or at least copy it. It'd be better qualitywise. Thanks

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