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Vladivostok Rapid Open Chess tournamebt

0:30 what music?My wife loved it.Omg I don't know why, but that's the cutest backpack ever.Great play and entertaining commentary.

Yes Blue team wins, Ravenclaw is the best.Thnks to let me know this monster.Any standout reason why?World champion you are.Bet anything u guys r not gonna respond.So for every entrepreneur (IN THIS BIG SCALE I MEAN) there are people required that stay poor or maximum middle class and do the dirty work for them (You could break this dynamic by letting the simple "jobs" earn more an cut buck a lot of your CEO earnings (i mean who needs to be a billionaire)).Kameray koydugun yeri sikim,bu beyinle satran heee,demek ki bende oynarm la o zaman satran.Somebody read the GM Serper article on a little used tactical motif.

Here's the link -- then maybe.Kak enak nya pakai jebakan apa ketika kita pakai putih atau pun hitam?Real good useful tips !I LOVE THIS VIDEO SO MUCHBECAUSE OF THEIR REACTIONS TO ANYTHING HOT JAMES DOES.C3 being played(Qd4 is avoided), why black can still not take e5 pawn?

Also, long are they clamped when glued.Thanks for always giving me inspiration :).Yes it happens a lot.Is my thinking wrong?My favourite Numberphile video.Jeremy Silman is a fantastic teacher.Very often, Black will develop that Bishop to c5, staying on that diagonal and the Queen will come to the Kingside.They both definitely know first steps tree by heart.You are a beast with that circular saw and square.

As of move 14 we have a completely

As of move 14 we have a completely

Shouldn’t they be the same color with their mainland?That game is unreal.On the time of 18:58 i listen a hard deep breath or what i don't know.Don't use the hand as a hammer.Noen look so uncomfortable the entire time he’s there.So the only move that black can play is bishop to 8g.


Congrats, Eric!

Vinicius Gonalves


it's me bruh

Everyone commenting things here to be in the next comment video lmaooo

James Siniawski

The only thing I can say is the carving after all that work would be mind numbing .I would like to give all the features or steps you took with each step. I really enjoyed this .


EDIT: I found it, and feel like an absolute moron.Leaving the comment here as a reminder to myself and others, never forget to think about the king! :)Absolute beginner here:I know we talked about trading being disadvantageous when behind material, but what happens if at 15:07 - Bxe4 fxe4Rxf8 Rxf8Qxe5This seems reasonable for white, currently up a pawn in the exchange, and forking two currently undefended pawns.What have I missed?

Bob L.

Wobbly long objects... I really worry about this one!

Charlene Domingues


Spyros Vranas

Many here complain for Alexander...but they don't know, that today they speak his Greek '''Helliniki''' language because of lol bunches of idiots !!!

Diego Santin


Aki Oddlove

Ned you could remake the tiktok video but instead of using a toy gun, you can use a banana

Jerry..thanks a lot pal..Your channel helped me to increase my rating by some hundred ELO points.As for your coverage of the champion, is unique.Forgive my bad use of english, it is not my native language, so...

Xin Liu

i dont know if he's yelling at me or making jokes. Regardless, great presentation!

Jack Sparrow

CAPTAIN .... My name is Captain Jack Sparrow ! I have one question: Why is the rum gone ?

Eze To Kiel



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