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You think I'm very lucky?Do those marks have a detent or something, how close do you need the mark to be everytime you release the lead screw to move the carriage back?Hold ontony padillaanthony padillailluminati confirmed?24:10jiwa psikopatnya meronta ronta:v.Casios alarm at 1:51:51 D.Es mentir el pen bale 1 el alfil 6 torre y el caballo 7 y la reina 9.That would be so awesome!N my thng tru lun.

I like the muvi.

I like the muvi.

Next lie detector test, do it with Dan from Steve wilkos.Keep on doing the good stuff.: ")int secondNum Convert.Fantastic video thanks!Hes basically sarcasm wrapped in excess adipose tissue.I'm looking forward to some more of your videos and have subscribed.Kya jbardast player rahe, sir mikhail tal.

Master chess player : supposed to be smart"i could do this in my sheep".Sad grock ahhahaahhaahah.There are answers to these questions.I agree with you.Thank you for making my day Aman :).

Never miss this film in miniscreen.

Never miss this film in miniscreen.

Ifeel so sorry to that pretty girl.Thank you for shining some light on this issue.Bach and Vivaldi did not wrote any classical pieces.Was a lot of fun!Which Morphy game is Ben refering to at 3:40?The black king Willhit the pawn, then go get his queen.Rc6 then if Rxc6 then 35.I'm an instant fan.Try This Product:.

Such a shame to play

Such a shame to play

Like come on guys don't bite the hand that "Helps you"- thank God and Chess this is over (Hopefully forever) make Chess not war !If you play what you feel confident in you will mostly be fine.Is it making fun of the way Asians say "Philips"?I use one every day and have never felt the need.Seems like Alamo Rent-A-Starship would have been a much more economical method.Jim, my saw has not arrived yet but I think I am a Professional just watching your video.Not just this project, but almost all your others, along with the quick tipsjigs you make.Really great Video Thanks a lot and Regards from Brazil.Uploading replays from people which actually DO have skill.His tournament games are more interesting.

I mean when you think about it that game was probably as boring as possible.2020 January l ithu kanunnavar undo?Superb end game skills.Hi Jerry, this is everyone!Keep Santoro out of this Chanel.Anh oi 5:41 chieu het roi ma anh.At 13:20 instead of knight to D3 why not move rook from b8 to c8 attacking the queen and bishop and protected by your other rook?Do I understand correctly?Niggas ain’t shit yo.

Jelasin apa kumur2 nih?Suddenly everything makes sense.I love winning against a rook at the end with pawns and a king.38 pounds of sawdust, 2 pound bowl.Im 10 and im the olny kid in my school that knows how to use one.Then it should be able to make choices based on that.He's on ICC under the nickname "Shatar".The interesting thing is most of these games where Nakamura is winning and then makes an inaccurate move, he still wins.

Alex Mothibi

Dear Agadmator check this monster of a kid, he deserve respect after what he did to the GMgadirguseinov

Sandeep Dhesi

13:19 someone said yeah

stremsniper is best

As of this date you have 3.14 million subs illuminati confirmed

Sam Clarke

you were riding the off brand drift board wrong you ride it like freeline skates

Arnie workoholik

Great job

Jessica Scoullar

It is stories like this that make the doctrine of Hell appealing. It is a comfort to know that all those who pushed Carl to become what he was, whether they afterwards found redemption or not, will have to face up to the part they played in this.


damn dare they..

Fury Of Zion



12:10 - If Nakamura plays Knight h7, Carslen's only option would be to take knight with queen. Queen then taken by rook from h2? Would that have been a better move?

Prince of Providence

Obviously a sex offender

Thomas Naclerio

Could someone explain beserking?

yvind VonDoren Asbjrnsen

Wisely comment, butI just looked - via Magnus en Carlsen - a bit longer and realised how to prevail....

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Matthew Johnson

this is fun keep it in the mix!


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