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Queen Versus Queen White Queen Lose!Thoroughly enjoyed this longer time control.That kid wasn't there.My question is when you mix 5050 "SUPER POLY" it shows in the clip(around 3:40-3:45ish) you mixing w two bottles, but they both read "SUPER POLY.Is not in 7 min.

The great Simon Singh tweeted this video!Beautiful cutting board!Beautiful work and such great craftsmanship, justed enjoyed watching you work.It's my first time working with them and I really needed some tips!Loved the end-result.Why is e4 83 instead of 3?I didn't know he made git despite me being using it forever :P.

Very comprehensive analysis!I would love to see a modern version of this game.This approach is very important to solve tricky questions.Do you want to trade queens so early.Really wish I could participate to that!As you point to the vacuum it sucks all your air out at 15:38 and then you come across more vacuums.

Awesome to see race,age and class put aside for awhile.That kingcrusher laugh was quite scary.How does the gilding hold up being exposed to the elements?Unfortunately he was having major connection issuesas well as quite a few "mouse" slips due to the touch screen and his first 10 games or so were a disaster.221ten need more education.


I really enjoyed this coverage! But it niggled me the way Alejandro kept reffering to the pieces like 'I can't move MY rook' or i don't like MY position!! It's not yours!!! Apart from that great i'm just moaning really!! :)

Life IsGood

I would say the contrary. Wait to buy later, reason being that right now u would pay a premium already, but if u wait until China realizes its economy has been squeezed by this, they will bring prices down to ramp up their economy again. My statement is a gamble of course, but becoming desperate and buying anything now will only encourage the price growth. What u have now will get you through some time, just be patient. Take the 2008 economic crash. When houses couldn’t sell at their purchase or peak value, they dropped by as much as 30-40% in 2 years the US, and then 5 years later doubled in value again. Keep in mind that the prices will peak now, but what is more important if this crisis gets worse, having a brand new SSD (which haha Linus...the consoles are shipping with NVME SSDs not 2010 versions already pay in use by PCs) or having that extra money on hand for emergencies if things get worse?


5:50 That's just the Dutchness in Anish D it's not personal. We like to be direct.

manju Thapliyal

Is cocoa powder necessary to put

Troy Babisz Jr

Jaberi berzerking against carlsen

Luca Skywalker

I know how to use a smart phone and a cellphone

Michael Wurheffesteiner

Bobby Fischer Vs. Magnus Carlsen lol epic game but bobby fischer passed away a couple years ago

yousef ali


Ron Kirby

You’re having way too much fun living life!


0:03 - 0:06 That blue shirt guy!

Zulfikar Rifath

Noob ,Funny players

Dr. Dollars

Easy, just stack it!


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