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Want to change your life? Gaur Gopal Das

An amateur match?What an incredible story.No way can I play a comp with it but I love practicing and hitting with my kids with it.Is this available in indonesia i wanna buy it.Hey agad I think Hikaru won against Carlsen in 2016 Bilbao.David Pruess on the left there!Cmon Suren titles are your thing!

"ALL MEN:"Nobody asked you, bitch!I wonder what she actually sounded like.As fast as I can click.They could build their own car and compete just like the scouts did.You have some really nice tools.That was excelent.

How would you get that job?This is pure gold.Great table but what a gawd-awful presentation.Excellent spender of your Saturday morning timeMe at 4am Tuesday morning doing 3 weeks worth of homeworkbefore the test today: sure.This videos should be much longer.

Use a push stick or something.

Use a push stick or something.

Why so much Trump-bashing?If you pit a computer against another computer in a game of chess, which one wins?At this age peopleOnly 1percent observe the game. If the opponent was fondling the queen piece in his hand and the clock was running out, stopping to ask him to put it back on the board is just embarrassing.My hat is off to you.Is there a Tal serie coming up now?1'47 hu trng sao ko n hu en !Black king on e7.What I would like to see is you make the same board without the use of the planer, band saw, and table saw.Master P and Romeo are vibrating on a higher level consciously, we love to see it.

Love the animation but

Love the animation but

Veryfast last secends.Keymer isn’t the star of the show.2:10 17 minutes for a freaking reply?A superb piece of work and done to the T be a work of art as well as a good table.I almost drowned at venice beach.Only problem is that I didn't split it to be mobile so I added wheels on the side so I could move it around my backyard when I needed to take it out of the shed and use it.Muy bien explicado, si entend.I'm atheist and I don't understand the difference of many religions (not saying they're all the same obviously, I just havent practiced or researched any so i dont have anything to base it off of) and I learned so much from this one video lmao.

12:00 what about King e2 ?EltonJThe Most excellent.10:40 starts the lecture.How can you smell the wood when your nose sounds snotty?The Great Wall Of Chess.I believe that could of been a huge contributing factor to his mental decline.38:42 if king moves to h8, should you retreat a pawn up and with black's king fortress weakened?We miss your videos.

Morphy is truly an artist!

Morphy is truly an artist!

(or at least more piece exchange).Asset VS Burden.He said he didn't use it for anything else.Very annoying voice.Very creative bosses, nice game.1:20 sao n tt c?I heard siri say Tom and his sister to blame.This video is to listen not to watch.I mean, its a bread board, not fine furniture.Case 1, which is what I think the video assumed: when question asked 18 or 20, both A and B know either one of these has to be the correct answer.

Fahad Mangadang

Galing din ng Ka duo mo Lods

Jesse Hoffman

Great narration overall , however, 6:01 you misspoke.

Sarath Kumar


Renz Dela Cruz

idol galing nyo popassuport naman po


I am trying to implement this game using the p5js library but am stuck at the rotate() function....can't get my pieces to rotate!for(let y = 0 y < matrix.length y) for(let x = 0 x < y x) [matrix[x][y],matrix[y][x]] = [matrix[y][x],matrix[x][y]]this part didn't work for me

debabani mukhopadhyay

You did not mention all the rules 9f castling.1.the king should not be in check2.the king should not land in a check after castling3.the king should not pass through a square controlled by an enemy piece4.there should be no peicesin between the king and the castling rook.5.the king and the castling rook should not have moved before in the game

subin subi

A to Z fun


0:27 spin was too much for him

Elia Arranaga

All three are beautiful! Do you wash the flowers before putting them in the cake?

Random Teevee

The try guys should do something like this but with the game left right center. In the game you usually play with chips or money but they should play with disgusting foods.

Jeff Green

Interesting variation. I've been playing the Sicilian (including 1. c5 2. e6) for years and have never seen that one. Very nice.


5:35 don’t do that

poiuyt ftyuiop

amazing good

vedansh agarwal

its really fucked up , its way tooodifficult , these people are from different planet.

praveen kumar

Very powerful song...

Raffaele Instilla

Best quote so far.

Nital Hemant

A great helper

bluewave 2018/2020

very nice!from MS, in memphis now

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