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This is amazing.Botvinnik was not to be underestimated.He's so excited in such a pure way.Your work looks amazing.Does anyone else see what I see?I have checked another video of yours and it is very instructive!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.All murderers should get death penalty, the ones who we absolutely know did it, like this B!I used to play around a lot with cellular automata, of which this is an example.I feel so grateful for the world we live in today.The more time you take, the more time you give your enemy to think.The tiger maple looks fantastic.Thank you and best wishes to you.Can someone explain 1:15?

If i had to do this, I would

If i had to do this, I would

Everything nicely explained, i thought about induction movement when i saw 2 pieces running around simultanously :)- also i saw an "automatic placement" function so i knowthere is a physical possibility to move 6 pieces simultanously - tell me that you want to add support for Atomic Chess Variant (all the pieces near a capture disappear at capture moment) and i will buy two of those :).Generally speaking, pawns are better defenders when home."I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.What an antidote they are for all the aggression and bitterness there is in the world.You gotta make money to support your craft somehow.It's kind ofcool to know he watched other videos before giving this lesson.I would pay to see a proper match between Eric Rosen and ChessNetwork.If your project is square try to accent that square why am i saying all this because i see you have a heart for this an you canbecome a good wood workerits not how long it takes you to complete a project but the imagination you put in to it.3% more efficient than the presented "Optimal Approach".Ted looks 10 years older than Bart.

5 (1 E(3)), and solve the implicit

5 (1 E(3)), and solve the implicit

I wish I had the resources to do thisGood job.9:45 now the pawn is acting as a rook!Each move (in the reverse process) would have to be a move 'away' from the '1' position in order to prevent a change in the monovariant.When you have a home and land, why on earth would you use these dry goods when you should be growing your own ?You know what I meant.I like this build.The last movement, Be1, is beautiful.

This is one of the example of Basic Div.Shoulda offered a draw in the final game lol.Who says "Oh that?Anand expanded a lot on both sides of the board leaving his king position weak.The best: vocalist faces.I really couldn't tell.In 7th position,.The internet will show you.I've been here fanx.

Never found pieces

Never found pieces

I wish im rich so i could donate to ur channel.Agadmator gimme a likep.Good day po GUYS PLEASE HUGS ME FOREVER THANKS SO MUCHNA YAKAP MONA ME?Inspiring stuff.THAT is ONE very LONG sword u got there MR, TITAN.I think it's pretty cool how, with Pascal mod 2, you can see how adding odds and evens work.Ghassane BENTAHAR.Why u make always eggless cake?Me gusto el creper del minuto 2:12.I was upset after loosing so much game and i think that i'm too stupid to play chess.

Shaashwath Sivakumar

When it all depends on warShep and redkaru-bullmura....Lmao


58:26 just beauty

Home Hero Virul

looks better than new!

Nicanor Nez

by his family guy references you can tell he is pot head.


Noooo you got my hopes up for the Evans Gambit again. It’ll never happen, will it?

Ting Fung Chu

Hi brackeys , can you talk about the network system? especially using the steam ID to connect to the main Player(call P2PI guess) , let player using theirs own network to connect.

Daniel Philips

4:46Are you draanking it yet?

Jimmy Kudo

12:55, what's that woman's voice?

George Poly

There is a way to prevent mate which is rook to g7


Carlsen aka "duhwinning" has 2800 33 games (30-1-2) 5 minutes. Also there are some gms at icc that show only their status not their name...So it is possible, but some moves just look extremly like engined helped especially in the endgame there are some moves I have never seen of any gm at such a speed ...My guess would be a fm/im/gm once in a while looking for a rediculious cpu move when it s getting close... But therefor not getting detected by the icc checks?


What’s that machine used for the windows? Beautiful job. Bear is one lucky dog...literally.

Jaschar Vossoug

ChessBase IndiaI don't get why the cameras always shoot from this awkward angle. It does capture the faces well, but that's not what chess is about :-D At least edit in 2D board mimicking their moves before posting this to YT. Cheers.

Duncan Lang

Just fantastic!


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