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Warren Buffett reveals his investment strategy and mastering the market

I would add one more twist (maybe it’s been offered in the comments already): Make a mental note of the remainder when you divide their number by 9 (if it’s 0 then make it 9 instead).Na5 threatens the pawn, and lures the light-square bishop off g4 (where it is currently pinning Anand's other knight) to defend it.You are an Artist!Only mechanical engineer can understand the complexity of work.1:30 I call that a back stand :).I wish you were my teacher bro.Nag ka anak na lahat.I like how daniel doesnt care about the money hes a good person.

No surprise that white has a winning sacrifice, not to say it wasn't brilliant.You're a damn good teacher, man.Ive learned this like 30 yrs ago but completely forgotten the technique.Inganathe movie mammookayke cheyan pattu.What about iceland?You annoying guy !

Such an agressive

Such an agressive

I have thought about sacing Bxh6 and going to check with Qg4 but with the e6 pawn it just boosts it more.I can dispute this, black king takes white pawn in 2 or 3 moves anyways.Cup guy is a Canadian treasure.Only magnus carlson can beat nakamura in blitz chess.I bounced around several lecturers on YouTube and almost called it quits until I found Ben Finegold.Muchas gracias por hacer estos anlisis, he aprendido muchsimode tu trabajo.I think this video is hard for me to understand because I don't know anything about what seems to be a core concept, which is the invariant.Can you tell me what your sharpening stones are and where they are available from in the UK.Yes, very well explained, and straight to the point wo losing time, thank you.

Muy bien, perfecto !

Muy bien, perfecto !

The candle problem took me 11 seconds, the dot problem 22.I felt myself turning a tad bit homosexual when I saw that wink at 18:01.I would recommend clamping your cutting boards individually, though.Thanks again lots of love from India.Just pre drill with a bit one size smaller than the screw and go slow.Remembering a position after reading it in a book 7 years ago?

Yes this will leave them vulnerable as well,

Yes this will leave them vulnerable as well,

Nice cutting board Friend!Merry Christmas.Fold it with out damaging it up to ten times then let it dry Then laugh at everyone watch this.More like a camp stove.Long live the King!Just anand ist a great champion.You can even win without the queen.My dad was pretty much our entire neighborhoodsmechanic, and some of my best memories are of time helping him-keep up the good work.Put any other gm in there and imagine how awkward theyd feel whereas Maurice is killin it.

Bet she wouldn't have done so well if it was the other way around LOL.OMG Thank you thank you sooooo much for the beautiful and concise visualization!And I would just like to have enough every month not to have to choose between medicine and groceries.Retires he please!I have been watching your use of the bench saw without guards and trying to count your fingers.I got stuck on trying to find a way to check mate and when I couldn't, I just gave up.Working from a smart phone only too.It isnt Minesweeper or Beesweeper, its Circlesweeper!If he didn't offer you a job, i would be surprised.

Agadmator will wait to tell meaning of agadmator

Agadmator will wait to tell meaning of agadmator

You should take a stuffed animal there and leave it there for it.Increble hermosa guitarra.Wish I had the work space and tools HE has.We write 1:s at these points.This is just so much more interesting :)keep up the great work!I thought someone was taking them to isengard.Even with tons of man hours invested in every guitar I’d bet they’d rather scrap one then let it go out the door with even a single flaw.On day 6, the mouse either stays free or caught.


I don't know chess, is Grischuk a drunk ?

Selvam Kali

Chess can you pay and win money


I find it weird that in Book 1 it says Voldemort had slits like a snake but here in the film he has a normal nose


This is a funny and neat bit of math and Simpsons trivia. I especially laughed at the twist at the end.



var sfunction setup() createCanvas(400, 400)s = new Snake()function draw() background(51)s.update() Snake() this.x = 0this.y = 0this.xspeed = 1this.yspeed = 0this.update = function() this.x = this.x this.xspeedthis.y = this.y = function() rect(this.x, this.y, 10, 10)fill(255)can u find any mistake?


chms gameplays

Ngl i got a mifroma cheese ad on this

Barrington Mack

That double discover checkmate was a beast, and i do find the spassky system interesting. Its very risky though i think i will do more study before i try it.

Leon Dong

This problem has a few fundamental problems. First, normal walls do not reflect light very well and a lot of light is absorbed when light reflects off it. Second, the intensity of the light. The light being emitted from an object (a candle in this case) may very well not reach far enough to bounce off a wall.

Arian Jafar-Shaghagi

10% analyse90% speaking about the morphy family

Bernhard Brodowsky

Who else went looking for that godfather scene where he killed the head of the mafia after Ben talked about it?

Laz 001

Surely there's no such thing as a corner? It's infinately small?

Nuri Al-Mohammad

Please what is the name of the program you have to program CNC


matt member support 1:45 tell me that's a fucking fake tattoo SMFH plus whos the chic in background, and whos the dude with man tits on the right who needs excersice? sheesh u guys



Francis Casey

What's the server ip address

Fher Rivas

pocas veces he visto un maestro tan genial para la explicar!! he leido libros y este Sr, lo hace mucho mejor.felicidades, por su labor altruista para la humanidad.


I thought you'd use your new weekend warrior mini saw to cut the pieces for its mobile base. Can I borrow a gripper? I can't seem to find one of the 17 I have..... good video, thanks for posting

Dave Rivers

Wow. Hear that Nazis? We are all one big family. We all have the same set of ancestors at one point.

Ethan K

What if my inkyjet printer could connect to my computer and actually work

nick sprung

cant take you seriously with that ryobi, hot garbage just like this video.


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