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Buries it on a Sunday nightGets 1.At 5:49 why didn't he make life easier by winning the queen with B to b6 discovered check?Castling was always the better move.Need more of these long version numberphiles!I reached the slinky maybe the spring thing.Have you learned any lessons since ?Co ty kurwa pojebalo cie?I rly enjoyed those :).

Why 3 of the same set?Maaaan is really.Keep up the good workRichard Westerfield.

Great workmanship!It is in Missouri too.Those people are mentally ill.I feels bad twork someone called his brother, friend help on url norbes snake him have next day battled so won’t get fined.Chess 24 is really about make me go premium.The 2700 GM played horribly.After this game I can see why Capablanca emphasized the end game.

Am I the only who feel sad every time hears this piece?I would like more transparent information about the costs involved.Whats this game mode called, looks fun !Just had my R3 custom painted, as a disabled vet it had to reflect that.Totally the future of chess.JAVApublic class MouseSim public static void main(String args)int sum 0for (int i 0, i 100000000, i)sum newSim() System.Please help i was thinking ace of hearts and he pulled that as the first card am i cursed.Nobody in the relevant department at my college had ever heard of it.But the next battle he’s doing he won’t get paid he will still Rap tho.Nice to see most variations of Traxler Counter Attack!

We know what they're doing is just stupid :D.Lengthfor (var c 0 c colsc) var item rowc tableHTML 'td' item 'td'tableHTML 'tr' return "table border'1'" tableHTML "table"."In those days Grandmasters carried their computers on their shoulder blades ".I'm curious, your chopsaw has a tape measure on one side of the fence only.I love seeing you this happy.Any alternative.Nice job brother thanks.Or what if the logician killed Bob and Alice says on day five "20" but its actually 12 because Bob can no longer see anything.Nxb5Botez Gambit Accepted (Rook Variation).I see brave greek history here.

You are going to buy mats and putting them together in secs and a wallet is forming i guess.5:50 square root of 2.These would typically be left-overs from sales in America.With lots of practice.I don't think their coach (or dad) trusts Carlini to be around small children :D 3:00 4:08.Master p is so underrated business wise.Once you try it you'll absolutely never go back to this homemade track again."no mate as far as i can see"gets mated next move.I loved that radio, but let this new guy talk me out of it.Lanjutin trus mas.

PI IS EXACTLY 3!It seems like perfectly good move orI am missing something?This is refreshing!I built Norms blanket chest in 1991 or 92.Seen so many mistakes from the man we can't see that it's ridiculous.Love this part when he say "horcruxes".Capa is amazing.

When he asks us to pause.E' un piacere guardarti lavorare !Guys Johnson trolls now hard trolling get in his car go to enemy base.7:59 I found the move!The thing with Audacity is that even if you are using an IO audio card with your PC or Mac, which for this sort of multitracking over-dub you ought to, Audacity absolutely never records at a uniform rate: there is always random time warping.What was he going to say next?


I met this guy


How was the construction method lost if there are elves?

Joshua Susanto

Anad used to look like a sharp man, now he looks like a mellow GrampsMagnus Always looked like a model, now he looks like a grumpy Gramps?Well there is time in anything eh?

Hex Zadark

worth learning

Santiago Pereyra

Nice work!!

Joe Aquilino

Corzo ah yes Cuban B

InsaneGaming YT

I saw Qh6 on the fifth best move magnus carlsen did

pink phenolpthlalein

10:05 i used the mallet to create the mallet

Aditya S

1:01 Now for the first time in a very long time, we have b4- the evan’s gambit is on the board..... Goosebumps, literally......

Brielle Gonzalez Too

they should try tiktok dances

Jolia Sa


Justin Herrin

That is so awesome!

Nguyen Hoang Lan

Hu ch qu .


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