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Wei Yi - Ding Liren: Highlights of a dramatic Chess World Cup tiebreak

Im 1956 uscf with the goal to get that NM title soon so i can play Titled Tuesdays.53:53 My absolute favorite!A good way to waste $500.Oh my gods, how come i found this channel do late?

Like us on facebook.Commentating was so good keep it up!Love this table, makes me want to go hunt down a slab.Anh va chi va ni th hay hn :).I watch your videos over and over again and still get so much out of it.It is maybe not the coolest box ever, but one very very well done -) great work.

Bible says that

Bible says that

And then you realize that it's mostly notation and that changing it is very common if it helps you get to the result you wantjust look at arrow notation for very big multiplication or how 2D vectors are (sometime) written the same way as the binomial operation between two numbers.Yeah the sounds definitely changed!Me da risa como pronuncia el apellido Kasparov.Prefer this method.Seems all one gets with a circular saw and track saw is being able to cut a straight line.Sweating over nanoseconds of perfection is sorta taking the soul out of your music, isn't it?Good job for making it to 100,000 subs!

Is there a software package to do these matrix calculations?Killer mate at 17:20.Galing idol best pick ko yan.Worth every penny.Ie a shaft that rotates the table?Rf1 would have been a mistake, since Pal is training his a6 bishop on that very square.Smack was mad pissed.I would be salty if i was playing as black.Thank you for doing this and showing us how this is and was done !Neither did any child survivors of death camps in WW2 either, so what's the excuse all about?

Thanks very much for your insights on the

Thanks very much for your insights on the

I would like your autograph also if not on our picture if that happens or on one we could please honor me by getting on email to provide my address should you be so kind.I actually think it looks better before it's all polished, looks slightly rustic and more natural.My game needs help!Can you publish from unity to iOS and android and web?Also, I may be a little mad, but the thing with the surprise bird form of the final boss MAY be a reference to The Iconoclasts.You don't play 4.Just became a subscriber.Hey Leonhart (and community), how much do you reckon Pop Series 7, 8, and 9 booster packs should cost?Why just not grab the last pawn with rook and makes a draw by insufficient materials !



Made in Home Bald lucky guy

amazing work. it worked beautifully.

Tushar V

Keep the ratings, they look great

Michael Welch

Absolutely phenomenal

Jasper van Dalen

does naka only have a rating of 2210? isn't that a bit low?

Omkumar Agarwal

Pawn to g6

Church of Freya

What about a drunken knife holder

Cris jojn Cinci

4:24 music title?


"What could be more exciting than a Najdorf Sicilian?"

Anamika Santra

Why you cover it.

Jose Mora

Which way is down?time travel


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