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The women are pawns lol whos idea?Been looking that one.64 chess players from 28 countries will determine the strongest one according to the knock-out system.

I hope they will all go to an

I hope they will all go to an

After rook capture capture black gets a queen just after white gets one and then its endgame with 2 pawns queen vs pawn queen, which can still be a draw, right?Bad spelling Firday Friday.So, we have White posts photo, then Black threatens with a YouTube ban.2 knights defending, prevents queen escape, black to move.Here is the evaluationPGN between me, aided by Stockfish (black), vs Stockfish (white): 1.Funny you say that at the beginning of your video the humans are the most dangerous animal of all that's exactly what the Zodiac Killer said you like to hurt people because they were the most dangerous animals of all pretty bizarre isn't it.Ligar algum aparelho cerrando os dentes Fiz muito isso no meu 366.

Just finished reading the

Just finished reading the

The week before the cup was launched out of a hotel window into the pool.Your videos definitely help!The first was with 2 oz veg tan leather for the exterior and 1 oz for the interior plus doubled up each panel with 1 oz so it showed a finished side on all pieces.This is very helpful!And you will win.Thanks for putting it up.You say in this one complete the cut on the outside first, on the other complete the cut on the inside first.What type of 3d printer do you you use?" That like the answer JS Bach gave when someone asked how he played the organ so amazingly: "There's really nothing amazing about it.Cutting wood with a circular saw does not feel comfortable and having to adjust the depth of the cut, change blades and so forth is a chore.

Blohm und Voss seem to have specialized in weird aircraft in ww2, The most conventional thing they built during this time seems to have been the BV 222 which was a fairly normal looking flyingboat apart from being frikking MASSIVE with 6 engines.11:02 - Kramnik wishes in Vishy's mother tongue - Tamil - Good afternoon and Happy B'day Cute.You are a brilliant man, I can't wait to watch these all!And it actually comes with a full size pen, despite the stupidly designed storage of the pen, I just keep the pen my backpack and take it out to use it, the plastic bit is useless.That doesn't seem like a strong joint because you're gluing on end grain.But after queen takes queen, black can no longer castle.These videos are addicting in the same way watching planes take off and land are.Bach5861 nowhere did he say paul morphy was a professional.

Yall need to start bringing holly water and salt.Thanks for the video!4:51 hanzo has wiped out the enemies but its team is an idiot, they surrendered and almost win!Jim is a true pro and is great with information of why he does it his way and how one can duplicate his procedures.I'll take the lot!The tall doll is really scary.

Orlando Rotundo

5:52 why not capture the pawn here?


Really nice. I think I would have had a little more over hang on the length of the table. But it looks really nice

Doden Del Rosario

ilang beses ko sya pinanood. pero ilang beses din ako umiyak salamay kmjs sana may part 2 hanna goodluck

Dio Brando

GENji and HOONzoPlease play OW i wanna see Hoonzo and Genji

Asher C.

gold digger extreme

sohan subrat

I am a beginner and blunder my pieces but i swindle and win.

Stephania Guzman

Am I the only getting an ASMR effect from this video?

Maria Martinez

How was that an illegal move


Did this really only take one sheet of plywood?

Change da world my final message goodb ye

I don't know why... But I cried and talked to my grandparents again after 3 years...


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