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I thought you could make bread with only yogurt too.Never said "thou".Something's not right.

Because if black doesn't Nh6, then

Because if black doesn't Nh6, then

May you always be successful.No well argue about bolts.I'll make one this weekend, great Video.Lovethis chanel best in youtube.Swords crossed7.Wouldn't a Dremel tool been a lot faster to get out the scratches?

I did a walnut top and got rid of most gassing by 2 coats of a sandable sealer.In middle slightly on right with light checkered suit there is agdamator :D do I get points?I am your great admirer, ever since your early days.Wish he would have shown the heartbleed bug also.Ct truyn ca Deemo cng cm ng lm.Are u the new braxy?Please never end the creepy!Really beautiful!F5 f3 Fc5 Cxc5 ((Rf1 Fb6 fxe4 fxe4 Cf4 g5)) Cxc5 Fg5 Td5 Fe7 Te8 c4 : 2) Tfxd8 Cxe5 Fxe4Cxe4 Cxe4 Cd3 f5 Fc5 Rf1!

There's a fine line between

There's a fine line between

Knowledgablevideo.Seems to me that it was right on the dot with its own analysis of various moves.And this has evolved by random!Alki's a fruitcake but I think he's fairly happy.Detroit stops south of 8 mile I guess same as Eminem saying he's from Detroit lol SMH.Rudolph or rudolf?White Exchange Pawn h4 to g53.I'll be honest with you guys.

HalleluYAH for these 2 men.Can't wait to start my own luthier project bucket list dream.What is the name of this chess board software?Perhaps you could have brought in someone who knew how to play chess.What is the thick paste you used before spraying it?Nice idea, Im totally new at this and never thought about just making the "live edge" what size was oak pieces you stated with ?Great job with the video.Nice music and thank you a music.An interesting read is "The KGB Plays Chess".Which prints in like 1 micron or something crazy like that.

derunbekannte -

Evil Lands new good Game!!!


Excellent video as always but a tip for black paint to get a better finish. Paint and lacquer as usual but then leave the first coat of lacquer to dry and set. Then sand and repeat the lacquering until you have a mirror black finish. Also, when sanding on a flat surface try not to use your fingertips. A sanding block or the pad of your palm will give a better finish especially with high gloss paint :)

Arianne Flor Noynay





Just goes to show you that even the very best are susceptible to elementary errors in the face of immense pressure.

Jon Fehr

Terrible game. Sacrificing rooks and bishops for knights and pawns? Concentrate on checkmate, not knocking off opponents weapons.

yuval bar-on

Is he referring to the kid who yelled OPPOSITIONNN?


The wife was clumsy a few hours later and hit her eye on the door knob multiple times.

Buddy L

The "orange divider"-is a Hoax

wirya wibisana

Its a nice sword,no offense but it's not katana,it just a sword,katana is not made from junk

Thomas Fisher

The reason the petg filament goes around the nozzle is because the nozzle is not hot enough. I heat my nozzle around 240 and it works perfect

Muhammed Mubarak

Mammotty is the grate man of the Malayalam, never and ever have any other same person salute u, sir,


37:25 On the Top Left a Nixi tube a broken the 6 is diddent working and holy shit this is amazing :o good work

Ryan Inka Chandra

This is a piece of art

Occhio Doro

2:50uhhh what did he just say?

Mach Kelvin Chavez

Grabe lakas ni Wesley. Idol

BigCock Glock

Why they vote Jessica out over Bryce like what. He names two Slender-man locations! I’ve never played the game but I knew those meanwhile Jessica names multiple games and multiple characters within them like what

Amsaleka Baskar

In think 13 is wrong answer.. In two digit number means. First number should not be we have set 9 for first digit

Alex Tourigny

Great design with the different wood grains and colors combined together.The technique is not new, but the way an artist puts them together makes the difference.Let the wood itself inspire you, by feeling what it has inside of it.That separates the artist from the average woodworker.Thanks for sharing this video.You never know who you may create that same spark of genius in by posting it.Peace !

Rea Morilla

grabe nmn tong matandang nasa bakery


As Always, Clever as Hell !

Job Martin

Wow! Very slick and enjoyable spoiler break sequence. Super nice. How you even pick the level 9 and 10 up and start is impressive. Great, great video. Thanks, Mr. Puzzle!

Nadia sweet baby Rampersad

Moe u go to the scary places


Am i not seeing. Could use a print. And how do you determine thread size to match revolutions.?

Jason Torres

pizza hut

D. Val

At 7:55, I was considering Nxg7. After Kxg8, I'd have followed up with Qg5, and after Kh8, I would win the knight back on f6. Is there an issue with that line that I'm not seeing?

Gerald Mitchell



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