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WGM Fominykh (Russia) - WGM Mirzoeva (Russia)

0625 inch cutoff wheels.U don't sound like the current you, I couldn't recognized you.I really do not like your art style.There was someone in that window.Fascinating stuff nevertheless.The door closes behind them while u Patty make evp correcting.I tried this alot nd lot of times Now I made it Tq so much bro.

I need to ask you a few questions, is there a way I can get a hold of you?Alexander Alekhine is my favorite Chess Player!Damn i like it,go on bro.I thought it's initial value was 3.

Eating clock is very time consuming.From dungsenpai.I already did it.I think the 2nd is closer and J.Nobody would want to use that as a cutting board.Why would anyone dislike this?I was about to say that!

:D But I don't think it's necessary to use such a misleading title.But I will never go back now I didn't go all out and get myself a Miller or anything like that but I did get the Hobart professional line and I hooked it up to 220 and man what a difference.He called her a dogged haired bitch.Excelente video buen trabajo.By far away my most favourite piece of work of your's so far, you are a truly skilled artisan.Pff this guy is awesome, i'm always learning something from him thank you so much Brad for sharing infos.Verry nice game.

-"Did you dislike This vid""Yes"-"Theres a tax for

-"Did you dislike This vid""Yes"-"Theres a tax for

You aren't supposed to use oil on a waterstone.Please tell me this was just a meme.I don’t think he’s an all court player.I believe you once took a class where you played with clay on a pottery wheel.Cool table but please turn the damn lights on.The type of namespace name CodeMonkey’ could not be found And the name functionPeridoc’ does not exist in current context any advice?Mato's channel is the best.

Giorgio Tonetti

We not gonna talk about MVL being so annoyed by the French kid?


Abe lauda mera

Naman Sharma

Why do you need a pass back. Take a tennis or basketball or soccer ball.Even that would bounceback.

WA2 Homestead

This video popped up in my feed today.This was how I found your channel years ago.Lots of fun times since then.


this guy is hilarious

Rick Renegade

Great video

sergio terrazas

Porque el cero no tiene valor suelto es como dividir nada entre nada o esa es mi opinin

Ping Yu

don't dare u hit the dislike button!!!


Darwin was wrong proved by this. Cells are not simple but exceedingly complex

Erica Gonzales

Sana merong replay saabs cbn Holy Week 2020

Jimmy's Tractor

34:02 I'm sure it is plenty sharp. You just need to slow the feed, increase flutes or(best solution) grind or file some relief into your engraving bit. If it is one of those one flute points Ive seen you make, the problem is no relief. Without relief, you are pushing the round backside of the cutter against the work for a full 180 degrees after the cut- that tends to push the material out of the way.

Riugi Lukem

So ive been playing guitar for 10 years and never understood a thing when it came to music theory (i play by ear), I honestly REALLY appreciate this, Thank you man !

jazzy DaExplorer

Kudos sa lahat ng gumanapHay nko sana mkita to ng iba lalo na sa mga kbataan hindi marunong mgphlaga...SAD TO SAY NOWADAYS D NA MARUNONG MGPHLAGA....Im proud sa sarili ko nkpgtapos ako ng pag aaral kung saan2 kmag anak ako nkatira pra lng mkpg aral...PRO MY MGA KMAG ANAK KMI TRATO SAMIN KATULONG..pero cge lng huwag lng mgtanim ng sama ng loob at galit

Union Ruines

I used the mallet to create the mallet.

S. Husen

Kuch jada hi lamba ho jata hai apka video


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