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What's next for Harvey Weinstein? Hollywood producer found guilty of rape

John: I live by the motto liars go to hell.Cool, wasn't expecting this :D.You're 60 tooth blade is loading up and can't clear the chip fast enough so you're getting a lot of heat, occasionally burning in the kerf, and shorter life on a sharpening caused by excessive heat.Looks good, How many inches tall are the numbers?Ur recipe is awesome sissyyyyy bt where to get the mould in which u made the chocolate cake or can we use the ordinary mould plzzzz reply.

Also thank you for the video !4:04 Bd2 made Anand resign.Please, not just for your safety and health, but also for your family's as well."Will you take three bucks?And after he takes it away, there wouldn't be a threat to your knight landing on c3, or is there sth that I missed?

How much did you earned now ?Please keep on posting these lectures ( more with GM Akobian and GM Ronen Har zivo.It is the best decision I have ever made!5:39 Qa4 best move?Agamator keeps saying it Saturday but he posted the video on a Sunday!Incredible skills.Is there any chance that the first puzzle would actually happen that way in a game?At least you could use the leash"Faraway Forge: " roger that".

Because of this

Because of this

He now has to give the 1000 back to the shopkeeper next door.Such an amazing video and such an amazing job buddy i really hope the negativity of people thinking that you click baited understand that this lighter is a prank but a really good and a smart one so don't listen to them and keep the amazing work.When he plays with me I only let him win once, but when he plays with his mum he is up 4-2."Sorry, I'm German.Most greatplayers had good start and finish games but failed cause they could not think it thru like Fischer did.Not wait until emergency to find out!This is game of 2019.

Then I called Kevin's company and left messages regarding my letter.Just like NotEvening mentioned, I was about to comment the same thing.Why is someone's face blacked out?21:29 - Did he just move a pawn backwards?How did gold jump backwards at minute 3:41, how did King move two squares at a time?

I love your video.I made it that far Eric haha Love watching your videos 6:52:15.Not sure what it would do to a piece of art like this though.That was just beautiful to watch.At 9:20 if the black player played bishop to a4 attacking the bishop.Rob in this suit.

lex Tr3

like a walk in the park

Archana Sharma

Very nice


6:56"Those of you that decided to grab the pawn, you just lost the game terribly."I feel personally attacked. This describes about 60% of my games xD. This is an awesome game, though!


A advance society and they play dominos...


why clowns why?

janusz kowalski

Coughing competition whos louder and more often coughing wins

Nano Zamora GM

hola soy don Nano. me encanta esta msica

Sage Adams

35:02 why doesn't black go Nb8-d7 then next move, Nd7-e5. If white takes the knight with the pawn d4xe5, queen takes pawn Qe7xe5, puts king in check and king has to move out of the way so queen takes rook Qe5-a1.

Premier Renal

If u play chess that isnt three moves


Winning a medal is not everything, this video is presented in a way that its very bad that india didn't get a medal . The fact is that Anand can't alone bring a medal to india when its a team play . Everybody whining about not playing aggressively , but think of a situation where playing aggressively and lost ? That's the take of Anand and Harikrishna did . Anyway lets hope better for next time by analysing the faults made in this event .

Briana Marion

I now.Eli


Soooo. How long for programming this?

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  • What's next for Harvey Weinstein? Hollywood producer found guilty of rape
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