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Who Went Home This Time? Grischuk vs Wesley So: Game Of The Day 2019 Moscow Grand Prix Tie Breaker

Who else thought of Naruto during this.This definitely inspired me to pick it back up again.Do you analyse each game before youUpload or work as you explain the game?I have a question.Great job, beautiful cue!Not use if you could point me in the right direction.

4 years and

4 years and

Great video on a great project.I'm only a patzer, but all of these people saying White had nothing seem to just be pandering to Ben.Awesome to see race,age and class put aside for awhile.Comment removed due to aggressive response, I stand by my principles,50 yrs as a RestorerTraditional Cabinet maker.I like the use of the wood stitching form.I'm trying to work on android studio.Dude this video made zero sense after you blinfolded, because this video was supposed to be a learning one but it was more of you showing your skills "thats it" feeling empty after watching this.Could you think what the 2b2t server is going through?Only rapidexhibition games: Magnus Carlsen beat Fabiano Caruana 17 to 9, with 5 draws.

This is an amazing,

This is an amazing,

I canunderstand the code,but the math make me cry.He lost for no reason other than cowardice.Love those moments of pure happiness you get when a puzzle starts to come apart after messing with it for 15 minutes and getting no where.You're a hustler!15:17 what if the outer circle was as twice as big than the inner circle its rolling around?1010 for the resin.Low yields is exactly what quantitative leading tries to accomplish.So excited to see you playing with Naka.From one Craftsman to another, your work and attention to detail really shows.

Por favor me puedes compartir donde

Por favor me puedes compartir donde

If queen takes, knight takes queen.That was cool, kept me watching the whole way thru!Great calculation.Sir can u show the advantages and disadvatages of the french defence.Anyone watching this one in 2019.Please do a star wars one and I'll buy it off you, Falconplanet ?What's the song playing at 17:00?

Nirshanth G

Which software used for analyzing in project 10


Wala man lang bang pension yung mamang niya

Harold Garca

The six year old girl is adorable, she forgot to push the timer hahaha

crimson Roses

Piracy and hacking are both incredibly important and good when used correctly! It's upsetting that they can't work in tandem.


"And we have a completely new game", literally in every game you show

David Hanselvunth

It’s my birthday

Himanshu Vaish

I wanna buy it

Owen Mcdonnell

Reminds me of Joker


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