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Why doesn’t the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall over? - Alex Gendler

Beesuma: I can't believe we have so many people tuning in to me (about 10 to 100 k)Iskall: oh wow we got 5k people on my stream yay.How on earth can 6 people dislike this gem?I feel this step is important.I want to know if there is any chance you could add a chess table to one of your builds?Huge endgame knowledge :D.Cases like these make me grateful that I have my mom.You talk too much and breath to loud also you can do without the background music.I’d love to know how long!

Did you consider this in advance, and change the production process as result or did you just fully embrace this, regardless of the eventual potential breakdown of the product?Quit your job, move to New York and start singing show tunes.2) list forcing moves (for white, since black just moved Qe5).Why stalemate is a draw?What Is this Job called?I always wanted to be a serial killerbut i couldnt handle any more long sentences its not good for your mental health.At 16:58 you mentioned Qh3 would lead nowhere after his h6 move, but then you could just go Qxh6.I'm not claiming x0, but only pointing out that the mathematical "errors" are only a perspective problems, that can be resolved by using or "is similar to" instead of.

Bloxygen is the fix!I only wish at the beginning of the video you had explained what in the world "mobile outfeed assembly table" means?Please forgive me I don't mean to knock on your cutting boards.Anyone else hear moes voice change to a deep voice.Very sad army, very sad kink.I want one of these boards.Ee movie oke kanumbol aanu dilep ipozhum ishtapedunath.More Finefold please.We need to see faces.Works in China: 1 7th of the population: (()').

Why are you gay ?My primary focus was to understand to what extent would be possible, with the current technology, to convert common use cemeteries in parks, green places immersed in nature within our cities.That is, so decodeinterpret the machine instructions on one of the tapes, create new ones on your computer, and record that to a blank 8-track and create your own interactive cassette?What's wrong with sawing free hand?Didn’t show the back.I am a newbie, and just starting in to look at DIY woodworkings.I was collectingover 50 years ago!

LoL i see the thumbnail i though carlsen was Tony Kross :v.The surrounding surface is glass, might try Sharpie PAINT marker next.I wished that the chefs were able to taste each others food.I cut my threads in Kelvin.10:37 f por el men del publico.Like from the Hobbit!It's all about mindset.20:40 can't we have formula(8².", "An airstrike!

ihabayo don souverain

we are carpenters in iprc east (rwanda)

Chris Redig

What a loser this kasparov... Against a polish janitor

Michael Jim Villamayor

very very smart play by white....i love that queen sac:)


I'm just getting into chess. Can anyone explain to me why this is a draw?


why did i even click on this video?

iltifaat Rasool

the white's bishop was pinned by black's rook , then how is it possible for white to capture black's queen with that PINNED bishop


Cool! What sorts of wood did you use?

Gabriel Antunes Costa

Is the soundtrack part of the scene or ediction?

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