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World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen vs. GM Pepe Cuenca in the Banter Blitz Cup

The king is still in the center, and White weakens the e3-square at a time when it's easy for Black to attack and not easy for White to defend.Thank you for the amazing commentary.A very good video.Just got 75% gayer watching this.That damn swing!Can we get a documentary of Kenny Me.Please put a video ofmaking.We can't go forDragon from here.

Hey that looks a lot like my local Home Depot, whose panel saw never works.Linus: it can't really gameMe: geforcenow.Also, it's a great opportunity for you to build your email list!On that crucial move, he could have played knight to F3 and threatened the queen, play would have continued with the 15 yr.

I sure could use one like that.

I sure could use one like that.

OMG the person producing this art workis just amazing I could watch forever!I just want to point out Chess thinks ethnicity is spelled efnicity.This time I really jumped from the chair.Wow, so much information in this video, and a really great build.Poda deii ipaditha poiyaa solittu thiriyaa.If Norbes really did try getting at Twork BM then Twork Geechi won.Nice tutorial and tips david,regards from the u.

If I win lotto, this is on my list of must haves!This is refreshing!Im kinda new here how did u and tom meet and when ever u here noisesi here noises IT IS SCARY.Let someone else say weekday happens if the king refuses to take the rook!A true Craftsman!This guy is garbage.Is the dots of the Division sign ( ) represent numbers or expressions?

I can't understand People unlike the video!U can't move the king like that cause if u do ur check.I don't need an educational stuff during a game.Insanly cool, i’m literally shocked!I came up with approach 2 not optimal.I just heard someone talking down stairs.To everyone who sees this.I make lot's of money by investing in steam skins which I get for free from earnign sites.

In my country, public schools were once cemeteries.On the very next game of tal.DHANiSHTA SiNGH.I thought it was about dinosaurs and blood and death !This made me laugh but im so happy you guys enjoyed doing that lol im in College 2-D Art in my sophomore year.I say that to my dogs too!

MY tribe has pulled me through just

MY tribe has pulled me through just

Loki definitely got the foal from the 2 horses.You said "f6 check".But can you show how to calculate the time it takes for those balls to collide in space?I am a kid from a Dairy Farm, in the "Land between two Rivers"I'm currently a fiber artist in the village of 52151 (we think alike) I started cleaning plugs on OLD JD's at 5yr.Players cheat halfway into the game for a HUGE advantage, then try to score a win against a GM in the endgame.I must have watched this video at least 100 times by now.

Awesome explanation.But watching this, the light came on!They have lovely sound quality, but after so many years are prone to failure more than my Japanese radios of that time.This router bits are kind of strange.The top players predicts the future of chess.Watching this for the umpteenth time, but this time it's leap day, or is it?When Hikaru usually plays people on his stream, he plays so casually.Happy to see I’m not the only one that for some reason keeps sanding disks.


I subbed immediately. Loves the way you say that most woodworking comes from knowing how to make a box because it really is the fundamentals of dimensional construction.

Ganesh Chandane

At 8.25, how cassal possible???

The Higher Space

You just can't watch shit with these two bringing up a million other scenarios ... so ridiculous ..

Ronaldo silva costa Silva costa


Akmal Ibrahim

Heveaplex made in indonesia

Rehn King

Fine ladies and I mean that with all the respect.


oh should i not be learning c?

Shampoo Wow

Awesome video! I like it

Grant Perkins

Well, I'm at 1711 and he's drawing the number 2 incorrectly , counted 2 interior angles where there were four, and f up with number 7. So, for clarity, the two was a Z shape .


Hi sir it's marvellous creatings

Danny Ratliff

At 4.00 qf7 is a check mate

Ahmad Ali

Do anyone need popcon?

Cesar Moreno

What do you think about the chessbase software if I start using it it will help me to improve my chess skills.

Magnus Johansson

Very nice game!

Bibash Tiwari

What's the name the game

De Todo Un Poco

Vale vale pffff


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