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World Chess Championship 2018 day 11 press conference

I would have liked to see the Ferrari in this one :p.Do you or will you make a custom cue for an individual?This OBVIOUSLY is worse than "regular" flu.Amazing master !You are a good driver.

The friend keep calling Charlie fat like she not in the corner looking mad cheap and sloppy.Never mind the bounciness, I’m disappointed that you didn’t do your trademark lie down on the finished project.Why did Carlsen play 40.

It is only called if i dispatch the event from the board (board.8:52 - You shouldnt scrap food with cutting edge.I've watched the complete video and now I got why you wrote "Caution" there (: ) Brilliant explanation btw.I know this is atleast my 3rd time watching this video and probably my second time commenting.:Three different methods to Uninstall a program:Basics of Chess game:What is OS?Like from 11 to 13 sec?

Anands daughter?

Anands daughter?

Plus your knowledge on movement of parts.I want to learn speak in english, ill be back soon!Waiting for 6th part fr Davy Jones he do hv a sad story.The Try Guys: Ned is the best at sex.Watching this while eating some meatballs, thanks Rob!

Keep bringing such great games.I would welcome gladly if you will show us also some more games played by you.I think the whole "active" vs "passive" thing presumes equal skill levels.Cool dieses Schachbrett, Daumen hoch!Well maybe not where you are LOL!You will need to work a real job and contribute to society, instead of fucking around with wood in your basement.Grv iyak ko dto.I think I would make it a chesscheckers board that can come out of the box and flip over to the other game.

My abstract algebra professor assigned this

My abstract algebra professor assigned this

Please explain im at a basic level of javascript understanding.I think Levon has lose since move 7 (h3) on 0:52.At 15:06, black queen doesnt capture the rook at g1.Paul that was a great video!Ivanchuk strikes and how!

That Company still exists and

That Company still exists and

I mean I guess even the best of the best are going to miss some straightforward tactics at this fast of a time control.If you want to win against the Coronavirus, then introduce self quarantine!I have the special edition dvd's which gives you extra stuff on laptop so you should try finding some of those disks they are great.You have some very nice equipment buddy good job.I like the intro, cha cha cha cha cha cha checha checha checha che cha cha cha cha.

Me gusto muchsimo, voy intentar hacerlo.Specially if the they are clones.Please make swiss roll.I found the best plays in both scenarios after actually giving them a serious effort lol.(1MM RADIAL DEPTH OF CUT, 10MM AWAY FROM JOB IN Y)Z100.Qxf6 gxf6Ne7Kf8Nxd5.This is probably for someone like Dan Bilzerian, a rich mf playboy and also a chess fanatic.

maddy ferguson

7:14dying of laughter i must say

Lordie 32

Love this tune may use it in an upcoming video thanks :D

John Marlin

Nicely done.I have never seen this discussed with the triangles before, and that makes this so much easier to understand.Thanks!

Pascal Becker

After .......... QE6, what about Bd5? Winning the black queen and the game, instead of Qh5 etc.

Before saying anything,Ben is the goat commentator...GO BENNNN ,RARRRRRR


Yeah, thug life and whatever, but today he blunder a free piece in Norway chess...

Kaladharan D


Mordimer's Chess Channel

OK, got your idea here. Can you help me to set up some opening theory for 4D chess? ( )

Elvis Chuks

When Jerry yells "I dont have anything!" i hold in my laughter for a full minute!

Real Gabbo

You earn a Sub mate.

Ben Guiry

Always a pleasure to listen to, beware the desperado.


Good game =]

Drex Ferguson


Nasharuddin Nasir

Hanzo team that concede defeat really wtf

Marvel contest of champions man of legends

someone who kwons answer to my question please at 5:35 is allowed this move?

doru marinache

Sound imi trebuie mie ? in rasa matii !

Daniel Aiz

sqrt((8-8)!8)!solved it before watching his solution


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