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World Chess Championship 2013 Anand vs Carlsen Game 2

Bro please make the gameplay about PUBG MOBILE i want to start this game.This is bullying loose tiger against tied donkey.You no unplug router when change bit!John John vs Dna.Thumbs up Mato :).Kyren needs to find himself a new barber !

Com SOlutionHousing.

Com SOlutionHousing.

Worst explanation i have ever listened.I appreciate these videos.E depois perderam a final.The gods are assholes.Is there a way we check at least whether the 400000th place of pi in base 8 is NOT 1?My dad did this with wood and a pocket knife when I was little.

Beautiful as always.

Beautiful as always.

This video is so aMAZEing I spelled amazing wrong on purpose.So moe is this asylum worse than the asylum in Kentucky?Casual user to Linus: What are you going to do with all this power?Ahh grabe umiyak ako ng sobra.You are the champion!Dufrain is how it is usually pronounced.

I'm wearing a hoodie while watching the

I'm wearing a hoodie while watching the

Thank you for this amazing explanation and intuition.Love painting to this.Your videos are gold my friend.I take it Fischer was black.In snake and ladders.

Do you have video on dog house making?Makes pingpong look so hard.A player should be intertwined with the board and be focused at the moves only.Seems to me that Vee-track would have made more sense to me than din rail.Magnus Carlson is a God of Chess.These two would meet in a playoff to decide the championship.You piss poor pricks can't make a toaster Made in Russia that anybody in the right state of mind would buy, let alone a quality power tools.From Taiwan Judy Chou.Thanks, Matojelic is the best.The cedar had a bi-product, unintentionally I'd extracted cedar oil and concentrated it by forgetting to turn it off.

Oh man, can you

Oh man, can you

Tell about chess rating.I fell asleep on the couch watching youtube gaming video, and wake up to this playing.Do check out his books!You did excellent job but too too much work !That's it for the moment, and as always, thanks for watching.Thank you for the video.

I loved every minute of the satisfying woodworking steps.Complimenti, ottima esecuzione!Video nya mantap gan,sangat bermanfaat heheheh.And make a live edge table!Surprised not to see Paul Bernardo Karla Homolka on the list.

Gary McCaffrey

I don't even see how it was game over.


You must have supreme patience.I'd be bored and would have to walk away after the first 100 domino cuts.

Narayanababu Narayanababu

The people who disliked this video's are good chess player


Would love one of your pieces. It's absolutely gorgeous.

vasim akram

At 10:28 what if Black King goes to F8 ?


Best looking vise I’ve seen!

Youp Dijk

0:24 I kept refreshing my page bc I thought the video was buffering

Rene Cardona

white queen to f5, black pawn would move to h6, white knight to d5.


At what generation does the snake program its own neural network and trains it to play snake?

Thu Ha

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