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World Chess Champion Vs Best Female Chess Player!! Magnus Carlsen Vs Judit Polgar - Blitz Chess 2014

Spank me if I'm wrong :)))))))))).I used my figit spinner to smash the like button.The challenge now is to make something on it that has a better grain pattern!

0:33 great start.I decided to do it and one day I'll do it.When pawn moves to the other court heshe can get a benifit with extra queen.

Euguene: Good at everything.I think no lights under the iceberg would highlight the darkness of the night, and add a great effect of realism.I have a very large chess board.Id like to kill that freezer mom with my bare hands.You deserve more views and subscribers, hope they will come soon.

And guess what, I LOVE IT.And he didn’t say one single word to prove what he’s teaching actually works.That was shameless.What model Roland and what is the stencil mask called?Awesome channel.When cake is bake it's design disappeared So what can i do now.

5 E(3) We can also see that at door 3 the mouse does nothing but spend 1 day and go to an adjacent door: E(3) 1.It's about time someone else calls it the, "Queen's Gambit Slav Defense.Ivanchuk is the Boss.Also high vitamin C intake (camu camu ) is a great source of vitamin C.Don't know if I missed it, but how thick did the board end up when it was finished.

Is there a channel with no analysis?Muy buena me sierto mucho te doy 5 estrellas.I want a video tutorial on that for 2020!But only if you autograph it.How can 2700 weak.Full movie evidunn kittum?At least mac never update without permission?Then again it is your project.Hogwarts and hogsmade.Too bad antique furniture is now more or less worthless these days.

Now I’m too traumatized

Now I’m too traumatized

Super helpful and FRIENDLY too.Who is this long lost ex-brah?Am I the only one who loves Zach with my whole heart lmao.Im a 2100 player on lichess but on chess.I remember when you had under 1k views and giving us trivia questions for chess boards my have you grown !Peep custom prusa printer on 23:51 maybe testing new model coming soon.His rating is probably 200 or something.Some kind of scraper?Trump has imposed bandaid border protections.Wow, this fellow can sing!

I am 2200 blitz and I got there after several years of hard work.0:25 I know what you were thinking about there "soleimani".1:37:31 - A knight promotion would have won!I think I’ll stick to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes for my Character Collecting mobile game.I'd prefer this over Bieber or Gaga's song anytime!Accept and Complete a small challenge by installing and open the app for 2 minutes and join the world of unlimited earning.No need for technology.When I decided to work on this project, I devised a way to detect who the winner is and I just wanna share it here:Basically, my cells are either in a state of X or O.I like the slash mode.Mailbox: 62823-000, COHAB street 01 number: 061 jaguaruana- ceara.

luis alfonso jaramillo

Omg I love every video of this channel, amazing work

Why not qh4 after f4? Cant take the bishop cause white is threatening mate on h7

Guille Arana

Love the Apollo 14 spacesuit, always thought those shaders made them look futuristic af


I just read it as incredibly angry ten year old and grandmaster

Robert Ray

This guy is amazing. What a great instructor.

neal tran

at 4:34, black queen should snap pawn on the edge side.


I have no idea, there is so much work in order to make a good cutting board. How many hours have you spent?

Nugget Nugget

Where is grace


Your pronunciation wasn’t perfect, but very good.

Yvonne Weary

I love the Miller's.Master P and Romeo is speaking TRUTH...i loved this Show god bless!

The Dardans

13:00 instead of capturing the pawn on g6 with h pawn u can capture it with f pawn and u open lines for your rook without being worried about whites rook open h file because now it would be closed because our h pawn is there

Thought Process

you should just explain the game and the moves without giving your opinion and telling us that this was done before and blah blah blah...clearly those gms are far far far better than you...we dont need your "expertise" ...keep it simple and waste less time


FYI, set up the chess board with a white square in the right corner. You set it up sideways, and yes, it makes a big difference.

Mark Williams

"While I was alive"My condolences to Mrs Techmoan and any little Techmoans.Sorry for your loss :(


Not bad


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