Chess kansas city

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[WORLD RECORD] Trap Adventure 2 Speedrun 4:17.19

But now my problem is.Imagine Fischer explaining this opening or the Sicilian.You can't handle the kraken.

I just missed out on

I just missed out on

I am so sad my parents took me to a restaurant even tho I didn't want to because of the tournament and now I couldn't enter :'(.It gives me hope and lets me see that the artists online are not these perfect humans who touch sth and it just becomes perfect the first time they tried it!Who makes these questions?What language is this?Awesome job Destin!However, I do hold great respect for individualswho can read another persons moves in advance up to 20 or greater.Great move by Magnus Carlsen!So many mate in 1 moves in the end LOL.

and can you please explain

and can you please explain

Sorry, pal, your journey was yours and innocents paid the price.Shits fucked and their isn't nearly enough noise being made about and it kind of pisses me off that they can preach so much about being the good guys but in reality they are just insidious pieces of shit.Who all want vishy vs magnus not ending in a draw.The heat that is generated is too great and it cracked.If you glue up wood a cut on it, little bits of glue wind up in your food.The fact he showed the black lady at the first part when he was talking about how mothers can be bad has me.It’s like a post dada modernist approach I actually love it lol!You cover so many different things, just great!That angering me brains.

An even better than usual build quality there.Wouldnt it be a problem if a country would wrap around itself on a map.I couldnt concentrate on game because of that beauty back there.Greetings from Ecuador.Some of the best videos out in all aspects.In lichess app you can play up two 2500.Moe: "Do you want to hurt us?Who think that indian guy is intelligent!This is the most long winded boring shiot i ever fu cking saw.


"For a cheapo laptop it's not bad"Said Linus, talking about a 750$/1000$ laptop

Tanweer Barbhuiya

You are a Mikhail Tal fan as much as me.

Patty Nielsen

Great video, never heard of these killer doctors.


This is magnificent. Subbed and liked Sir.

Muhammed Raees Shamsuddin

U can get detailing on black pieces on 21x21 inch chess set

Et Immortalem

What is that fat guy talking about oven and shit? Fucking loser

Neil jhon aquino

grabe ung iyak ko dto .

Anonymous Golf club

Don’t mean to get personal here,But that rook S M A S H E D the queen


Unu Adam Hulk you

Wolf Party

I wood of liked of seen the king-foo action!!! Lol!!!

Scooby Doo

After beating player OneTrickPony Magnus:"So what was his one trick... I don't know, I still haven't figured it out."

amrethesh ....

Hi agadmator.. How can i contact you... Got 6th in giveaway tal ...


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