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Worst Chess A.I. Ever

26:09: "How could I attack this pawn?We have some good players but even Brazilian don't know our chess players.Does anyone else want pizza.

I know 3:25 is just example, but it's a draw, since black can just get in the corner first and stay there :P.The YouTube algorithm wanted me to see this again.There's a man who loves his tools!

Proving that he is the first Chess

Proving that he is the first Chess

Dude,u are a giant.Don't worry guys you are fantasticWe are proud of youWe love you.Report for nudity so the workers of YouTube have to watch the whole thing.Every shop heeds a set of these!The continuation has always been 5.Nice English "Kid is Fast".Dave, you always remind me of a John Wooden quote "Be quick, but don't hurry".Very much so enjoy the work and design.I love the Russian accent.

Is that actually AlphaZero.How can anyone dislike ?I’m like 6 minutes in and this jakk boy nigga is trash asf.Is that less winning’ for white?Technically there are 2 as when Jesus is shown he also has 5 fingers on each handp.

A fast and

A fast and

7:51 black takes bishop at e2 probably could put up a better fight.I had my expectations high for the appearence of a GM.Chess ain’t know wtf hit him.I'm on the autism spectrum and slightly synesthetic, more so in childhood.This was much better at explaining how to build a calculator then a year in digital electronics.Sir aapki lichess ya chess.I had an 8-track in my first car (1976).Hydraulics, next year?

Saw the previous three Trek films on the big screen but was to young to know how to tell good movies from bad movies back then.Q2KV anna miru chala baga kastapadi andariki useful ga unde trues cheptunnaru.I agree 100% with Chess being tainted with too much computer prep.As we all know, and so on -- mainly and so on -- Morphy was the greatest Chess player to ever live!I am promise to pay.I literally twice as fast editing graphic designs with a macbook trackpad than my friend who uses mouse and laptop combo.Ring master ishtapedunaver like adichee.WkwkwkKasian nengok catur putih.

You’re goodfamily father!I was thought they are called paths.I love to watch all ur vlogg.Throbbing Glitteros.20 moves later wins with a knight to g5.Nf34:47:12 b anti-benoni.In sooooo excited to try this next time I play!Sinfona magistral, gran banda, especialisimo.I dare Pragg to play vs.8:55 there's a figure in the road.

truth seeker

The video failed to say where tf did all our gold go..This planet was abundant in gold resources. The rise of man came because of gold..Space travellers/aliens came to earth in search of gold.. Gold was their main resource.. They created machines to mine earth resources that machine was us. We called these assholes god but so called god reaped all of earth gold then left us too die when they were finished. We were created to be slaves to be put to work and mine gold for our creator/so called god

gta5sanandreas5945 Fofo


Adam Napolitano

Make a system that cooks the turkey in a fire tornado!

River Seth Alijid

Now I can 1v1my friend chest

Wadud Khan

How to install this game. Please, share the link of this game....

dama cataleptica

I love Yasser, and i love his style, i would like to meet him. Sorry for my English.

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