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I know that feel bro.Secondly, very well done!I'm curious, do you have a backup strategy for your files?All the best, Ricky.Beautiful but I can’t understand why you didn’t take the little extra time needed and remove ALL the yellow paint (inside the drawer runs)?Imagine the technological advancement that the world can achieve if knowledge can be shared between nations.Many years later, tradition kept it shaped like a section of a felloe, even it you built it from scratch and added embellishments.

That first hand

That first hand

Szuper vide Anna!They hasfound inside it all the built specification from them rockets,themflying Vimanas even from their Shiva weapon the Brahmaastra the destroyers from worlds.How expensive is running servers for your bot?AUTHO BAN HANZO OP.First girl is literally a Nazi.The so it doesn't unload itself on the highway had me laughing till I bout cried haha.

I love it and the way your mind thinks.Guys, I think both players were using engines.Not even a challenge.If I was a tape measure manufacturer I would so call my product Near Nuf.I think it's not fun to play darts with him.Quite often actually, its called a sacrifice.

Don't you put yourself in check and ignore it though?Chess is an amazing game.I also get notified when you post another video.We're free to call the wasps whatever we want but boy, don't diss the lg's.I imagine this aero part would be tight tolerance and wouldn't allow a few tenths of z depth change for OP2.Wow this made me remember my course in material science back in the days.Legit had to watch with no sound.A juvenile bigfoot."Sorry, Magnus I can't help you.

John williams my soul mate.Five tenths precision is astounding on a part that big and a machine that old.Nakamura vs carlsen Sorry nakuka.Kasparov bao nhiu tui ri anh.Rook g1 queen a3 rook a1that's in case the whitewill not present his queen.Also maybe if you explained that the plane will seat intothe jig against the bottom bevel where the blade doesn’t contact the wood wouldhave been helpful.Reminds me of when I got a press for my Rotary tool (aka Dremel) so nice to have hands free!Kevin, did you know you can get arrested for playing Chess?HE JUST WON'T SHIT UP.

umapathy k

Thans yaar

Lunika Velanqueze

I hope your guys safe ..... And always wear green .... For protection...


I would like a cabinet table saw but the starting prices are just too expensive. I have a dirt cheap Ozito table saw. It does a great job for being $150 (the fence system is crap) So I'm stuck in the limbo that is not seeing any reason why a DeWalt (or other nicer brand) table saw is any better than my $150 Ozito but can cost $900, but not being able to afford a proper cabinet table saw.Any suggestions? I'm in Australia also.

Tiny Tim

When I play 1d4 after d6 I always play Bf4 but Yasser said there's only 3 moves and that move wasn't one of them so can someone explain why Bf4 doesn't work against e6?

Eric Kirk

It's hard to focus on the game with a dog licking his/her parts in the background


Who is this Mike Lyant?

Mo Hawk

December 2019 what a great video..... I can see me using that in an RV.....

Chantell Venter

Absolutely gorgeous and so creative, just love all the little details, tips and ideas, thank u for sharing Zoe!

Ari Bale

Bacot lu


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