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You're Doing It All Wrong - How to Make Deviled Eggs

At (17:20) this time Mikhail Botvinnik can play queen take rock and win the game.8:02 I see what you did there Zach or should I say ARRON BURR.Use a grindstone.This video is great,it shows how SMALL we really are.A family that planes together stays together!Excellent millwork skills for that I most definitely will subscribe.P viewers with epilepsy.Cheers for the upload.

Can you edit badang but withJotaro Ora Ora.Stopping the search for something that sounds good is good, it eventually will come to me some day for the tune to memorize.That's a super cool looking bowl."down in the thingie below" insta sub This guy speaks my language.I'm sure Shirov had plenty of other options to go for the win, but I dunno.

Can we please

Can we please

It's so funny how fast you can tell that the first guy is Dutch.That blade guard on your jointer would drive me nuts.Is it really trolling when all you are doing is loudly stating the truth?I died on April 11th2013 I'm waiting for my funeral.What is the name of this program you use to display chess moves?

When I launch a live server, the webpage shows my header but not the script?That's what happens when you rely on others to make your moves.CAFFEINELove your content BTW.I totally hate you guys.At first when I saw the thumbnail I thought that it was the periodic table of elements.The computer fall for this trap hahaha.At 9:01 the way alireza moves the rook is like: Alright let’s eat some pawns.I used to have chess in school and was impressed with myself that i could checkmate with 2 bishops (little trivia on the side: my teacher did at some point a challange where he had to move a knight to every square without using a square twice, while having his eyes covered).Thanks for your hard work and research.Junkball man whoever you are your humor is absolutely hilarious.

Tal is back :Dp.

Tal is back :Dp.

I thought water destroyed the curing between the two part A and B epoxy.Where is the link with your multifunctional knife?Recently followed your channel.Ganyan ba yung muka ni awra.Another thing,BUY THOSE BOOTS FIRST.Great video, but if the Kings are on the same color then automatically there is an odd number of squares between them and obviating the need for rule 2, no?) and Anand politely said we can discuss after completing the procedure.The excitement I felt back then washes over me every time I hear it!Hi, tried this cake indeed first cake in my new OTG and it came out perfectly yummmm.

Niklas Vardy

The Name from the hero from 1:27. Pls

John Smith

Hi Paul! If you want to harden steel in a barbecue in the future, I've found that plain old barbecue briquettes are a really effective fuel. You can pile them up around your steel and blow hard on them, and they've got enough mass and staying power that they won't just burn away like your charcoal did. The only catch is that briquettes and steel produce a lot of clinker, so don't put your steel on the base of the barbecue.

Darryl Humphrey

I have made and used same jigs. In hindsight, I recommend 10' long plywood stock to accommodate the extra length required to t-square head and provide extra length for "adjustable perpendicular catch clamp"

Danilo Gouvea Silva

Gotta love these speedruns.


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